Guide to Driving In Morocco - Drive Safe in Morocco

With our Drive Smart guide you're fully prepared to hire a car in Morocco and stay safe on unfamiliar roads.


60 kph

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100 kph

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motorway speed limit

90-100 kph

speed limit
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Drink Drive Limit


drink and drive limit
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You drive in Morocco on the Right side  
The currency in Morocco is MAD
The minimum rental age is 25
Current fuel price in Morocco 1.05/Ltr

Driving Laws in Morocco

Are there any special requirements for driving or hiring a car in Morocco?

The standard of major roads in Morocco has rapidly improved over recent years.

Driving is on the right with overtaking on the left and you must give way to the right when you are approaching an intersection. Take special care as other drivers often try to overtake on junctions.

4x4 hire is often a good idea where roads are poor quality or if you're considering a trip up into the Atlas Mountains

You should avoid driving at night as many of the ‘obstacles’ on the road will not have lights and there are also mountain roads which do not have guard rails. 

Rules of the road

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Emergency Services Numbers

Police Police: 19

Police Fire: 15

Police Ambulance: 15


Fuel Prices in Morocco by Month

Parking Information

Parking regulations

Parking regulations
Parking in Morocco is almost like a game. Most people park where they like but parking attendants patrol many streets in the big cities looking out for cars they can ticket. There's no hard and fast rule as to why you'll be targeted so try to park where there is little room for misinterpretation of the situation.
Paid parking
There are few places that you have to pay for parking and they're generally in the cities. Parking costs are very low but you'll have the security of knowing an attendant will be near your car whilst you're away from it.
The parking attendants have the authority to ticket 'illegally' parked vehicles and eventually have them towed away. Police will occasionally get involved if they see a car parked which causes an obstruction. 
Disabled parking
There are no special dispensations for disabled drivers but if you need a spot with easier access, choose an attendant controlled parking area and ask for assistance – for a few coins, it's usually willingly given. 

Emergency Information

Emergency Information

Police Police: 19

Police Fire: 15

Police Ambulance: 15

The number for the police in the city is 112, the number for the police in the countryside is 177. Medical services can be contacted by calling 110 and fire services are reachable by contacting 15.

The United States Embassy in Morocco is located at U.S. Embassy Rabat
Km 5.7, Avenue Mohamed VI Souissi, Rabat 10170, Morocco and you can call (212) 0537 637 200. Their website is

The British High Commission in Morocco is located at 28 Avenue S.A.R. Sidi Mohammed, Soussi 10105 (BP 45) Rabat and you can call (212) (537)-63-33-33. Their website is

What to do in an emergency

If there is damage to vehicles or other property or injuries then you must call the police. They will issue a police report which you'll need for your insurers or for the car hire company. Whilst waiting for the police, get witnesses details and take photographs of the scene as it's been known that Moroccan drivers at fault in accidents soon drive away if the police have been called. 

Handy Guides

World Driving Guides

Road Signs

Handy Phrases

The following phrases are the romanization of Standard Arabic. You will find that conversations bewteen Moroccans take place in Moroccan Arabic but this is rarely written down. 
Hello/Welcome - marhaban; ahlan wa-sahla
Please - min fadlik
Thanks - Shukran

Morocco Fuel Price History

Fuel Prices in Morocco by Month
MonthYear€ Diesel€ Unleaded
Oct, 2018 0.92 1.05
Sep, 2018 0.91 1.05
Aug, 2018 0.91 1.05
Jul, 2018 0.90 1.04
Jun, 2018 0.90 1.03
May, 2018 0.89 1.01

Hiring a Car

With our Drive Smart guide you're fully prepared to hire a car in Morocco and stay safe on unfamiliar roads.

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