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Winter Driving Advice

Winter Driving Advice

How to stay safe when driving in winter, whether at home or abroad...

Driving during the winter presents a unique set of challenges and can be a hazardous time to be on the roads. A recent study by Cooperative Insurance concluded that December 5th was the most hazardous day of the year to be on the roads with the most road traffic accidents (and subsequent insurance claims) occurring on this day. We’ve put together a set of guides on how to drive safely in winter months, follow the links below for details, advice and recommendations on each topic to help you drive safely in winter, whether in a rental car or your own.

  • winter driving laws

    winter driving LAWS

    Don't get caught the wrong side of the law when driving in winter.

  • winter driving car maintenance

    winter driving Maintenance

    Your car is more likely to breakdown during the winter, see our recommended winter maintenance.

  • winter tyres

    winter tyres

    Should you consider winter tyres on your car and are they worth the money?

  • snow chains or snow socks

    snow chains

    What is the difference between snow chains and snow socks and which should you buy?

  • what is black ice

    What is black ice?

    You'll hear it mentioned in weather warnings, but what is black ice and why is it so dangerous?