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Cheap Car Hire Asia 

Search and compare deals on car hire in Asia with Rhinocarhire.com, book rental cars from leading Asian car rental agents at the lowest prices. And that's a promise.

Opting to hire a car in Asia is a passport to a realm steeped in ancient traditions, modern vibrancy, and breathtaking natural wonders. Asia, a continent of contrasts, beckons with the serene temples of Kyoto, the bustling streets of Bangkok, the pristine beaches of Bali, and the mighty peaks of the Himalayas.  Hiring a car allows you to journey beyond tourist hubs, unveiling lesser-known corners and the genuine heartbeat of the region.

However, Asia's vastness encompasses a myriad of driving rules, road conditions, and cultural etiquettes. Prior to setting out, it's essential to familiarize oneself with the driving regulations of the specific country, ponder the necessity of an International Driving Permit, and ascertain the adequacy of insurance coverage. Additionally, due to the diverse topography and climates across Asia, careful consideration should be given to the type of vehicle best suited for the journey. Armed with knowledge and preparation, hiring a car in Asia promises unparalleled adventures, enabling travelers to chart their own course through this enchanting continent.

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Over 500 locations offer car hire in Asia and all can be booked with Rhinocarhire.com for the best prices online. From Bangkok Airport in Thailand to Kuala Lumpur Airport in Malaysia, we offer the cheapest car rental Asia has to offer from the world's leading suppliers and trusted local rental agents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest car hire in Asia?

The cheapest car rental in Asia starts from around $20 USD per day. Cheap economy and mini class vehicles are popular due to the low cost.

What is the best car rental agent in Asia?

Hertz are seen as the best car rental agent in Asia, bringing their international reputation and expertise to the continent and deliver a wide range of rental vehicles at competitive prices at all major airport and city centre locations in Asia. Europcar and Sixt are also very well-respected car rental agents in Asia.

How much is car rental in Asia?

Prices start from around $20 per day to rent a car in Asia for a budget rental car, an SUV rental in Asia stats from around $40 per day with 7 or 9-seater rentals priced from $50 per day.

What is the most popular rental car in Asia?

The Toyota Yaris is one of the most popular rental cars in Asia thanks largely to cheap rental prices. We arrange more Toyota Yaris car rentals in Asia than any other make or model of car. The Toyota Innova is the most popular 7 seat rental and the Honda CR-V the most popular SUV across Asia.

congested road in Asia

Tips for renting a car in Asia

What side of the road to drive?

Many countries in Asia drive on the left-hand side of the road, a simple way to check when hiring a car, you ALWAYS drive on the opposite side of the road to where the steering wheel is in the car. The driver should sit on the side nearest to oncoming traffic and not the pavement!

Are there roundabouts?

Road infrastructure varies hugely across Asia and roundabouts are utilised in more developed highway networks. Roundabouts function in the same way as anywhere else, priority is given to traffic on the roundabout and approaching traffic should join when safe to do so.

Are there traffic lights?

Major cities have traffic light-controlled junctions, however they are rarely strictly obeyed and enforcement is limited. Proceed with caution at traffic lights in Asia, even where green.

What are the speed limits?

Speed limits in Asia vary by country however are generally lower than western countries with 100-120kph being largely observed.

What do I need to know when driving with children?

Road safety standard vary hugely across Asia with India and China having the worst statistics on the planet, however more developed road networks across Japan and South Korea for example are some of the safest. Wherever you drive in Asia with children in the car, we highly recommend taking your own child restraint system or car seat to ensure acceptable standards.


Are there toll roads?

Tollways and toll roads are widely used across Asia, generally on the developed highway and expressway networks. Rates are low and can usually be paid in cash, however you should check with the rental agent when you collect the car how to pay toll roads in Asia as it varies by country.

Rental Car Stats - Asia

  • Hua Hin, Thailand €12.0 per day
  • Hyundai Tucson in Cebu Airport Road, Philippines €3168.7 per day
  • €434.79 per week
  • Honda Fit
  • 233
  • Japan with 217 EV cars
  • Guam with 6 convertible cars, most popular Mini Convertible

Agent Stats - Asia

  • 268,194
  • 2,075
  • 50
  • NISSAN, 1,089 cars
  • EUROPCAR, 253 locations
  • Japan - 1,250
  • Chiang Mai - Airport - 31
  • MERGE CAR RENTAL, Langkawi - Airport 70 mins

Car Rental Review Stats - Asia

  • TIMES, 20,265 reviews with avg score of 7.8/10
  • AVIS, 9.6/10 highest score
  • CAR RENTAL 2 GO, 2.0/10 lowest score

Rental Location Stats - Asia

  • 7,055
  • Bangkok - Suvarnabhumi Airport, 55 cars
  • Bangkok - Suvarnabhumi Airport, 55 cars