Guide to Driving In Mallorca - Drive Safe in Mallorca

Are there any special requirements for driving or hiring a car in Mallorca?

Driving in Mallorca

Driving Laws

Seat Belt Laws

Seat belts are compulsory for the driver and must also be worn by the front seat passenger when driving in Mallorca.

Drinking and Driving

It is against the law to drink and drive in Mallorca and the police are known for stopping drivers for random breath tests. The limit for a car driver or cyclist is 0.05%.

Must Have Documents

The following documents are compulsory and should be carried with you at all times when driving in Mallorca:
  • A full UK driving licence
  • Identification, such as a passport
You are also expected to carry the following items with you:
  • Replacement tyre
  • Reflective vest
  • Road tax documents
  • Insurance documents

Speed Limits

Speed Limit Type of road
120km/h Motorways
100km/h Main Roads
90km/h Minor Roads
50km/h Urban areas

Minimum Driving Age

The minimum age to drive a car in Mallorca is 18 years of age.

Safety Camera Warning Devices

On the Spot Fines

Police can issue on the spot fines in Mallorca. They can be expensive but can be reduced by 50 % if paid within 20 days. 

Child Safety Rules

Child seats or safety restraints must be used for children under 135cm in height or if they are under 12 years of age. 


Rules of the Road

  • Drivers drive on the right hand side of the road
  • Drivers should not cross solid white lines in the centre of the carriageways. 
  • You have to use headlights in tunnels
  • Take care on roundabouts. Spanish drivers will use the outside lane for all directions.
  • Car horns should not be used in built up areas
  • Indicators need to be used when necessary. 

Towing Regulations

Speed Cameras

There are several fixed speed cameras around Mallorca and the speed limits are rigidly enforced. 

Using Mobile Phones when driving

The use of mobile phones or other devices are prohibited when driving. The only exception being, if a hands free kit is used. 


Solid yellow lines signal no parking. You will also see no parking signs on garages and over driveways. If you park in an undesignated parking area, you risk having a hefty fine and could be towed away. 

Blue lines on the road signal it is a pay to park zone.

Motor Way Signs

Major motorway signs are in blue with white writing. They are similar to the UK signs. 


Autopista Highway/Motorway
Calle Street
Salida Exit
Peligro Danger
Gasolina Petrol

Traffic Lights

Toll Roads

There is just the one toll road in Mallorca; a tunnel connecting Palma and Soller using the ma-11. For more information on toll roads in Spain and Mallorca visit our blog:


What to do in an emergency

If you have an accident whilst driving in Mallorca it is procedure to switch on your warning lights and exit the vehicle. You should put on your hi visibility vest and place a warning triangle by the car. You should then call for assistance using either a nearby emergency call box or by dialling 112 to call the emergency services. 

Fuel Costs

Petrol stations are found in many of the major tourist areas and along the main roads around Mallorca. 


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Hiring a Car

With our Drive Smart guide you're fully prepared to hire a car in Mallorca and stay safe on unfamiliar roads.