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Which Driving Licence?

Which Driving Licence by Country
Most countries will recognize the licence of visitors from foreign countries. But if you come from a country which does not use an English alphabet and you rent a car abroad most likely you will need an International Driver's Permit (IDP). This booklet is authorized and has a translation of driver's licence information into many different languages. It is produced as there are some countries which do not recognize the validity of licenses in foreign languages which are not translated.

Countries where this may be the case are Japan, Russia, China and the Arabic countries like Yemen and Lebanon. You should be aware that an IDP is only valid when you produce it in conjunction with your original driving licence. If you plan to stay in the foreign country for a long period of time you are expected to transfer your foreign licence to a local licence. This time frame is normally between six months and one year.

The People's Republic of China, not including Hong Kong or Macau, does not accept IDPs and may require an alternative document known as a PRC licence. Within the EU, EU driving licences are accepted by all countries. This is also the case for the GCC, the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, where a licence from one state allows you to drive in all states.

In Europe and Canada you must be able to produce your licence at all times, though this is not the case in  the United Kingdom where you are given a period of time in which you can take it to the nearest police station. It is worth noting that even if you have a licence entitling you to drive in another country if you are below the legal driving age for that country you may not do so. Hence if you are an English 17 year old with a driving licence you may still not be able to drive in parts of mainland Europe where the age restriction is 18.

Which Driving Licence by Country

Australia IDP 1949
Argentina IDP 1949
Algeria IDP 1949
Brazil IDP 1926
Ukraine IDP 1949
Portugal IDP 1949
Canada IDP 1949
Chile  IDP 1949
Czech Republic  IDP 1949
Croatia IDP 1949
Japan IDP 1949
Egypt IDP 1949
El Salvador  
Georgia IDP 1949
Ghana IDP 1949
Hungary IDP 1949
Hong Kong  IDP 1949
India IDP 1949
Iceland IDP 1949
Israel IDP 1949
Italy IDP 1949
Jordan  IDP 1949
Jamaica IDP 1949
Mexico IDP 1949
Malaysia IDP 1949
New Zealand  
Russia IDP 1949
Serbia IDP 1949
Slovenia IDP 1949
South Africa IDP 1949
Saudi Arabia IDP 1949
Singapore  IDP 1949
Spain IDP 1949
Thailand IDP 1949
Turkey IDP 1949
United States  
United Kingdom  


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Visitor Comments

  • 08/12/2019

    Jason John-Ogbe

    Hi I would like to rent a car in Portugal and have a Temporary driving license from Nigeria, would that be okay? Or if I get the permanent sooner would that still be okay to use to rent a car and drive for about 3 days
  • 01/12/2019

    Kamari Yahya

    Hi I hae a valid Malaysia Driving Licence can i use it to drive in GERMANY, Switzerland and Luxembourg
  • 22/07/2019


    Can you drive in Madagascar with Indian driving licence ? Or do u need to apply for Madagascar driving license. How easy or difficult it is to apply Nd get one
  • 18/07/2019


    I have Ukraine Driving licence .Can I drive in Europe like Germany , Italy etc with that Driving licence ? please in form me back Thank you
  • 03/07/2019

    Kevin Dcunha

    I hold a driving licence issued in the kingdom of Bahrain. Can I drive in the UK with it for 12 months.
  • 12/07/2019

    Dewald Steyn

    Can I drive in the Czech republic with a South African Drivers license
  • 02/05/2019


    Hi I have an Indian driving Licence can I use it in Croatia to hire a car for 11 days
  • 08/05/2019

    Rodrigue el jbeily

    Can i use my new lebanese driving license to rent a car in amsterdam ?
  • 22/02/2019


    Can i use my IDP to drive in Europe after brexit at 29 March
  • 02/02/2019


    I have an hungarian driving liscence which in could i drve in Iran?
  • 03/02/2019

    Kahlon Manpreet

    Hello, I am holding French driving license, French resident permit and Indian passport. Will be visiting Dubai in Feb end for 10days. Can I take car on rent with my French driving license? Can I also drive car of my friend with my French driving license? Thanks
  • 27/11/2018


    Can Zimbabwe driver be allowed to convert Zimbabwe driving licence into Ireland driving licence ?
  • 27/11/2018


    I have an Argentine driving licence and also an i ternational one. Are these valid in Germany? Also a own a European Passport so would this help me get a German driving license?