Guide to Driving In Canada - Drive Safe in Canada

With our Drive Smart guide you're fully prepared to hire a car in Canada and stay safe on unfamiliar roads.


50 kph

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80 kph

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motorway speed limit

100-120 kph

speed limit
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Drink Drive Limit


drink and drive limit
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You drive in Canada on the Right side  
The currency in Canada is CAD
To rent a car is  21 years and to drive is 16 years of age
Current fuel price in Canada 0.97 €/Ltr

Driving Laws in Canada

Are there any special requirements for driving or hiring a car in Canada?

Driving is on the right with overtaking on the left. Some driving advice varies slightly from province to province. As Canada is a vast country you should always plan your routes and know where you are going to rest and refuel. Fatigue is one of the main causes of accidents in Canada. Canada has some spectacular wildlife but you don't want to run into a moose or an elk on the road when you are driving so stay vigilant.

If you are driving from Canada to America there are quite a few border requirements that you need to know about which are outlined here
Canadians really do live up to their reputation for being friendly and helpful so if you get into a jam the best thing to do is ask for help.

Rules of the road

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Emergency Services Numbers

Police Police: 911

Police Fire: 911

Police Ambulance: 911


Fuel Prices in Canada by Month

Parking Information

Parking regulations

Parking is quite straightforward in Canada. Almost everywhere you can only     
park in the direction of the traffic. In narrow streets you can only park on one side of the road. In winter some streets ban parking altogether to allow for snow ploughs. 
Paid parking
Paid parking can be by meter at the side of the road, ticket machine or by parking attendant at a public parking lot. Clear signage saying where you can and cannot park is found on almost all streets. 
Enforcement of parking is usually done by the police and you can be towed away if you cause an obstruction. You'll receive a parking ticket indicating a fine.
Disabled parking
Canada is excellent for parking facilities for blue badge holders. Not only can you park in convenient wider parking spots but often parking is free. Attendants will do all they can to ease your day.

Emergency Information

Emergency Information

Police Police: 911

Police Fire: 911

Police Ambulance: 911

The emergency number in Canada is the same as in the US, 911 for the police, fire and ambulance.

What to do in an emergency

If you are involved in an accident, minor damage can be dealt with between insurance companies. If there is major damage or if someone is hurt, you must call the emergency services. If possible, garner witnesses and take photographs of the scene. You will be dealt with fairly and should be given a copy of the police report which a car rental company will need. 

Handy Guides

World Driving Guides

Road Signs

Handy Phrases

I have broken down - Ma voiture a décomposé 
Where is the police station? - Où est le poste de police? 
I have a flat tyre - J'ai un pneu à plat 
I have been in an accident - J'ai été dans un accident 
Where is? - Où est? 
Where can I buy petrol? - Où puis-je acheter de l'essence?

Canada Fuel Price History

Fuel Prices in Canada by Month
Month, YearDiesel €/ltrUnleaded €/ltr
Oct, 2018 0.89 0.97
Sep, 2018 0.85 0.98
Aug, 2018 0.86 0.99
Jul, 2018 0.86 0.98
Jun, 2018 0.87 0.99
May, 2018 0.86 1.00

Hiring a Car

With our Drive Smart guide you're fully prepared to hire a car in Canada and stay safe on unfamiliar roads.

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  • 11/14/2018


    Are there any safety items required to have in the car at all time?
  • 11/02/2018


    Radar detectors are legal in Alberta
  • 11/02/2018

    Mike Mcclintock

    Is it legal to pass a car in the turning lane if they are too slow ?
  • 11/02/2018

    Lise Boisvert

    At crossings and corners pedestrians have the right of way. What if the car has a green traffic light and the pedestrian has the Red Hand and cars have the red traffic light.
  • 11/02/2018

    Robert Cumming

    Toll roads. Not mentioned is the Ontario 407 toll road bypassing Toronto. Should have transponder,can be very expensive. Photos of license plate virtually guarantees a toll will apply to owner of vehicle.
  • 11/02/2018

    Mike Macdonald

    The photo is so nova scotia
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