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Are there any special requirements for driving or hiring a car in Denmark?

Driving in Denmark

Driving is on the right with overtaking on the left. Pedestrians and cyclists have the right of way.

Driving Laws

Seat Belt Laws

As with almost all countries, you must wear a seatbelt if you're a driver or passenger in a moving car in Denmark.

Drinking and Driving

The legal limit for blood alcohol in Denmark is 50mg per 100ml of blood – less than that in the UK. This means that one pint of beer or a glass of wine can take you over the limit so it's safer not to drink and drive.

Danish Police Car
Danish Police Car

Must Have Documents

Denmark requires both parts of your driving licence, not just your photocard as well as the certificate of insurance for your vehicle.

Speed Limits

In town, the speed limit is 50 km/h
On the open road it's 80 km/h
On motorways it's 110 km/h but with some parts at 130 km/h

Minimum Driving Age

You have to be 18 to drive in Denmark but a minimum of 21 to be able to hire a car with some companies not letting you hire until you are 23. Check at the time of booking to avoid problems and disappointment.

Safety Camera Warning Devices

Warning devices are not illegal in Denmark but please realise that many of the cameras have been situated in places where excess speed has led to accidents so keep to the limit.

On the Spot Fines

On the spot fines are regularly used for driving offences in Denmark. You may also be awarded points on your licence which can be transferred to your country of issue. 

Child Safety Rules

Children under 135cm can sit in the front of the car as long as they have the appropriate restraint system.


A minimum of third party insurance is compulsory in Denmark. It's often useful to carry an insurance green card to prove it. 

Rules of the Road

Standard European driving laws apply with one or two exceptions.
  • You must use a warning triangle and have your hazard warning lights lit if involved in an accident or if you break down. 
  • You must use dipped headlights at all times when driving in the country
  • Cyclists have right of way on the roads in Denmark

Towing Regulations

There are no specific requirements for towing in Denmark, just make sure that you have your hazard lights on and, if possible, display an indication that you are towing. 

Speed Cameras

There are many speed cameras in Denmark and you can find out where and download their location to your sat-nav by visiting If you get caught by a fixed camera, you'll receive a ticket through the post. A mobile unit will issue an on the spot fine.

Using Mobile Phones when driving

Mobile phones cannot be used without a hands free kit whilst driving.


Parking Regulations
You must only park in the direction of the traffic (the right hand side of the road). You can park with two wheels on the kerb where necessary as long as pedestrians are not inconvenienced. If stopping in a place where parking isn't allowed, you can only stay there with the engine running for three minutes. To park in Denmark on non- payable parking you must have a parking disk which you can buy from garages and many shops. The length of time you can park for is indicated in black letters, Saturday times are shown in brackets whilst Sundays are shown in red.
Paid Parking
On the roadside, paid parking is by meter or ticket machine. It's not expensive to use roadside parking but you are often limited in time. If you want to par for longer, use the municipal or private car parks.
Illegal parking including staying over your time on a meter is regularly enforced by the police. There is an on the spot fine for this and if you leave your car parked illegally for long enough it will be towed away. 
Disabled Parking
Denmark follows EU guidelines on parking for holders of an EU Disabled Parking Permit but use it only where signs specifically indicate that you can. 

Motor Way Signs

Denmark Road SignMotorway signs are in blue with white writing, European roads signs are green.



Exit - udkorsel
Entrance - indkorsel
Detour - omvej
Hospital - sygehus
Police - politi
Embassy – ambasade
Unleaded gasoline - blyfri benzin
Motor oil - motor olie
Gas station - benzin tank
Car rental agency - biludlejnings firma
Toll - afgift
Highway - hovedvej
I have broken down - Jeg er brudt ned 
Where is the police station? - Hvor er politistationen?
I have a flat tyre - Jeg har et fladt dæk 
I have been in an accident - Jeg har været i en ulykke
Where is? - Hvor er? 
Where can I buy petrol? - Hvor kan jeg købe benzin?

Traffic Lights

Traffic lights use standard international operations in Denmark. You must always remain aware of pedestrians as they have right of way at all times. The rules are closely followed by Danish drivers.

Toll Roads

There are no toll roads in Denmark but you do have to pay a toll to cross the Oresund and Storebaelt bridges.


You can call 112 for emergencies. The Police can be reached on 114 for non urgent enquiries.

The American Embassy is at Dag Hammarskjölds Allé 24, 2100 København Ø and can be contacted on (+45) 33 41 71 00.

The UK embassy is at Kastelsvej 36/38/40, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø and can be contacted on (45) 35 44 52 00.

What to do in an emergency

If there is an emergency, display your warning triangle 30m from the scene. Use hazard lights on your vehicle as an extra warning to passing traffic. You only need to involve the emergency services if someone has been injured or if there is serious damage.  If possible, don't move the vehicles until the police have arrived. 

Fuel Costs

As of April 2014, the price of 95 octane unleaded petrol in Denmark is £1.38 whilst diesel is £1.41.


Im traveling to Denmark this summer with family and won't be driving so I was wondering if it's ok for a passenger to drink in a moving car in denmark from kopenhagen to bilund
3/10/2017 10:13:11 PM
  Bruno Andersen
You have a typo at the Danish word for "toll", it should say "afgift".
3/20/2017 3:48:31 AM

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