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Are there any special requirements for driving or hiring a car in Mozambique?

Driving in Mozambique

Mozambique is still recovering from the civil war decades ago so much of the infrastructure is poor. You'll find it an interesting coountry to visit but take heed of ny warnings over safety  as there have been incidences of attacks on tourists. 

Driving Laws

Seat Belt Laws

In Mozambique, everyone in the vehicle must wear a seat belt whilst the car is in motion.

Drinking and Driving

The drink driving laws in Mozambique require you to have no more than 60mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood in your body. This is less than in the UK and means that some people may be over the limit with just one drink. For this reason and that the jails in Mozambique aren’t the nicest, avoid drinking if you’re going to drive.

Must Have Documents

You will need to have your driving licence, an international driving permit, your registration document, your passport and a copy of the insurance certificate proving you have at least third party insurance. If the car is not your own, you’ll need a permission letter from the owner.

Speed Limits

The speed limits for Mozambique are as follows:
Open roads:   80 km/h
In Town:        60 km/h  
On highways 120 km/h

Minimum Driving Age

You have to be at least 17 to be able to drive in Mozambique. If you want to hire a car, 23 is the usual age limit but below 25, you’ll have to pay an additional premium based on your age and experience. 

Safety Camera Warning Devices

Using speed camera detection equipment is not illegal in Mozambique but they should not be used to help you break the law.

On the Spot Fines

Corrupt police officers can be encountered in Mozambique but the incidence of them is becoming rarer. If you are stopped, expect to be given a penalty notice which shows you the offence and the fine you’ll have to pay. 

Child Safety Rules

There are no legal requirements for child car safety in Mozambique so it’s up to you to ensure your children are safe. If you are hiring a car, let us know your requirements when you book and we’ll ensure the correct seats are fitted ready for your arrival.


A minimum of third party insurance is compulsory in Mozambique and you must carry proof of it by way of a valid certificate.

Rules of the Road

Standard international driving laws apply with one or two exceptions.
Drive on the left
You must carry two warning triangles and a reflective jacket
You must stop at all police checkpoints
You mustn’t drive on any of the beaches in Mozambique

Towing Regulations

Vehicles towing another must display blue and yellow triangles at the front and rear. Make sure you have good visibility and that the towed vehicle is securely attached.

Speed Cameras

The Mozambique authorities are fond of speed traps which are almost always with mobile speed cameras but often in the same location. 

Using Mobile Phones when driving

It’s illegal to talk or text on a mobile phone in Mozambique whilst driving unless you have a hands free kit.


Parking regulations
Parking in Mozambique is generally unregulated and you’ll only find restrictions in the major cities like Maputo. 
Paid parking
In the larger cities you are likely to come across car parking lots run by the owners of the land as well as the odd one or two parking garages. Near the central business districts, parking is restricted and monitored by the police.
There is little need for parking enforcement in Mozambique but the police do patrol the streets of the centre of the capital and other big cities looking for obstructions caused by cars being parked carelessly. If your car is one of them, expect it to be towed and to suffer a long period of frustration and cost before getting it returned.
Disabled parking
There are many disabled Mozambicans thanks to the civil war of the latter parts of the 20th century but there are no concessions for parking for the disabled. Most people will be sympathetic and offer to help so you should find an attended parking lot and ask for help.

Motor Way Signs

Although not officially termed motorways, there are several highways which are nearly of motorway standard. If you’re on them, you’ll find green signs with white writing.


  • Rental car – Aluguer
  • Motorway – Auto Estrada
  • Thank you – Obrigado
  • Portagem – Toll Road
  • Police - Guarda Nacional Republicana
  • Breakdown - Avaria
  • Fire service – Bombeiros
  • Border - Fronteira
  • One way – Sentido Unico
  • I have broken down - Tenho dividido
  • Where is the police station? - Onde é a estação de polícia? 
  • I have a flat tyre - Eu tenho um pneu furado
  • I have been in an accident - Eu estive em um acidente
  • Where is? - Onde está? 
  • Where can I buy petrol? - Onde posso comprar a gasolina
  • Stop – Pare
  • Itinerario principal – Main road
  • Unleaded Petrol – Gasolina sem chumbo/ Gasolina sin plumbo
  • Gasoleo - Diesel
  • I don't understand - Nao Percebo
  • What does this cost? –  Quanto Custa?
  • Speed Limit – Limite de Velocidad
  • Brakes - Breques

Traffic Lights

You’ll only find traffic lights in the major towns and cities in Mozambique and there they’ll follow the same sequence as you’re used to in Europe.

Toll Roads

The roads which are assumed to be motorways in Mozambique are tolled and as they don’t cost much to use, they are a far safer bet than using the gravel roads elsewhere.


The emergency number in Mozambique is 119 for all emergency services.

What to do in an emergency

If it’s a mechanical problem with your hire car, contact the local agent on the number you were given when you collected the car. If you are driving your own vehicle, make sure you have the phone number of a rescue organisation before you set off.
All accidents involving foreign nationals must be reported to the police and the embassy of origin even if no one is injured. The police will attend and give you a report of the accident for your insurers or car hire company. If possible, don’t move the vehicles until the police say you can do so, otherwise take a photograph of the scene and collect witness contact information.

Fuel Costs

As of November 2014, the average price of 95 octane unleaded petrol in Mozambique is £1.00 whilst diesel is 89p. Prices can vary between the towns and the smaller villages.


Allan Oyoko
I would love to visit Mozambique some day and I wish to drive all the way from Kenya do I what documentation do I need besides the ones above can I use my local driving license?
3/23/2017 11:34:29 AM

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