Guide to Driving In Uruguay - Drive Safe in Uruguay

With our Drive Smart guide you're fully prepared to hire a car in Uruguay and stay safe on unfamiliar roads.


45 kph

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90 kph

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motorway speed limit

90-110 kph

speed limit
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Drink Drive Limit


drink and drive limit
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You drive in Uruguay on the Right side  
The currency in Uruguay is UYU
To rent a car is  23 years and to drive is 18 years of age
Current fuel price in Uruguay 1.08 €/Ltr

Driving Laws in Uruguay

Driving in Uruguay
Pocket guide to driving in Uruguay
Driving in Uruguay
SPEED: (kph)
Speed limit in Uruguay
Rush hour in Uruguay
Speed cameras in Uruguay
Fuel prices in Uruguay
Drive RIGHT in Uruguay
Min driving age in Uruguay
Blood alcohol content
Drink driving in Uruguay
Emergency phone number in Uruguay
Driving documents in Uruguay
Hands free only
Mobile phone driving in Uruguay
Seat belt in Uruguay
See here for current child seats law in Uruguay

Are there any special requirements for driving or hiring a car in Uruguay?

Uruguay is one of the smaller South American countries but is still quite large. Hiring a car will get you to some amazing, uncrowded beaches or the the beautiful landscapes inland. Driving is relatively straightforward and the country's infrastructure is modern. It's only way out in the wilds that you'll find a 4x4 is necessary.

Rules of the road

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Emergency Services Numbers

Police Police: 911

Police Fire: 911

Police Ambulance: 911


Fuel Prices in Uruguay by Month

Parking Information

Parking regulations

Parking regulations
Uruguay’s main cities are often very busy, especially in summer, and you’ll find that parking isn’t easy to come by. 
Paid parking
Street parking in Uruguay is usually paid for parking. There are no meters and all parking needs to be paid via the parking App, SMS or at a Kiosk. Car registration plates are recorded when paying for parking.
Failure to pay for parking or overstaying your paid for parking period will lead to a parking ticket / fine. If you cause an obstruction, you may well get towed!
Disabled parking
Disabled parking is provided in all public car parks and parking lots, however there are no on-street provisions.

Emergency Information

Emergency Information

Police Police: 911

Police Fire: 911

Police Ambulance: 911

The emergency number in Uruguay is the US standard 911 for all emergency services.

What to do in an emergency

If you have a problem with your car you can call the number given to you by the car hire company or found inside the windscreen. If you’re going to drive your own car we’d suggest you research for an emergency assistance organisation before you leave home and make sure you have their number to hand. 
In the event of an accident you must stop. You only need to involve the emergency services or police if there is substantial damage or someone is injured. Whilst awaiting the arrival of the police, exchange insurance details and take photographs of the scene. If you can, get details of any witnesses.

Handy Guides

World Driving Guides

Road Signs

Handy Phrases

  • Give way - Ceda el paso
  • Traffic lights - Semaforas
  • Right of way – Prioridad
  • Exit – Salida
  • Danger – Peligro
  • No parking - Prohibido aparcar
  • Slow – Despacio
  • Lane – Un carril
  • City centre – Centro ciudad
  • Carretera – Local Highway
  • Roadworks – Obras
  • Where is the nearest petrol station? – ¿Donde es la gasolinera la más cercana?
  • Excuse me, I’m lost – Por favor, estoy perdido…
  • Go straight on – ‘Siga todo recto’
  • Turn right – ‘Toma el giro a la derecha’
  • Turn left – ‘Toma el giro a la izquierda’
  • Detour - Desviacion
  • Road Closed – Cerrado.
  • Road Open – Abierto
  • Motorway – Una autopista
  • One way street – Direccíon unica
  • Dual Carriageway - Autovia

Uruguay Fuel Price History

Fuel Prices in Uruguay by Month
Month, YearDiesel €/ltrUnleaded €/ltr
Feb, 2021 0.79 1.08
Jan, 2021 0.79 1.07
Dec, 2020 0.78 1.06
Nov, 2020 0.80 1.09
Oct, 2020 0.80 1.09
Sep, 2020 0.81 1.10

Hiring a ar

With our Drive Smart guide you're fully prepared to hire a car in Uruguay and stay safe on unfamiliar roads.
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Visitor Comments

  • 17/08/2019

    Milo B

    Outdated or just plain wrong information. - Uruguay has a zero tolerance policy on drink-driving since 2015. - There are many fixed speed cameras in Montevideo since 2017. There are also red light cameras at intersections. - There are three speed limits in urban areas: 45kph, 60kph and 75kph. There are no 50kph roads.

    Limits are clearly designed and speed cameras are often found after speed limit changes. - Right of way is normally shown with a Yield or Stop sign. Don't assume you have right of way if you don't see one, though, as they aren't always there. Approach intersections carefully, especially downtown or areas with heavy traffic. Incoming traffic from the right has right of way on most streets, but not on main avenues or boulevards.

    Police cars are cars, not dudes on Segways. There are no Segways, to our dismay. Police cars are white with blue stripes and the word POLICIA in caps. You will likely notice the red, white and blue lightbars. - There are disabled parking spots in every parking lot, but no special street parking.

    There are no parking meters. Parking must be purchased via an app, SMS or at a kiosk. No need to place a slip on your windshield as the car's plates are registered.

    Street parking without paying WILL get you fined and towed. - 911 gets you emergency services in Montevideo, not nationwide. You need to dial the appropriate area code in other towns when calling from a cell phone, which you likely are since there aren't any payphones anymore. You will likely benefit from using the 911 app, which is in English.

    Insurance usually includes roadside assistance, so make sure the rental company provides that information.
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