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Rhino Car Hire Worldwide Locations

Discover the convenience and flexibility of renting a car with Rhino Car Hire, no matter where your travels take you. With an extensive network of locations in over 100 countries, we make it easy to find the perfect vehicle for your journey. From bustling cities to tranquil countryside, our global reach ensures you have access to reliable and affordable car hire services wherever you are.

Find Car Hire by Country, Region, or City

Finding the ideal car hire location with Rhino Car Hire is simple and intuitive. Our easy-to-use search feature allows you to quickly locate rental options by country, region, or city. Whether you’re planning a road trip through Europe, a business trip in North America, or a tropical vacation in the Caribbean, Rhino Car Hire has you covered. Just enter your desired destination and dates to explore a wide range of vehicles tailored to your specific needs.

Search Car Hire By Region:

Europe: Travel effortlessly between countries, from the historical sites of Greece to the modern cities of Germany. Our extensive network covers all major destinations.

Asia: Whether you’re navigating the busy streets of Tokyo or exploring the cultural treasures of Thailand, our car hire services ensure a comfortable journey.

Africa: Experience the vast landscapes and diverse wildlife of Africa with rental locations in key destinations such as Johannesburg, Nairobi, and Casablanca. 

Americas: From the urban hubs of North America to the beautiful beaches of South America, Rhino Car Hire offers reliable car rental options across the continent.

Oceania: Discover the natural beauty and vibrant cities of Australia and New Zealand with reliable car hire options, perfect for exploring stunning coastlines and rugged interiors. 

MENA: Explore the rich history and modern marvels of the Middle East and North Africa with car hire services in key locations like Dubai, Cairo, and Marrakech.

Popular Country Car Hire Destinations:


United States: Explore iconic cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, or embark on a scenic drive through national parks and coastal highways.

United Kingdom: Discover historic landmarks and vibrant cities such as London, Edinburgh, and Manchester, with convenient pick-up locations across the country.

Australia: From the bustling streets of Sydney to the stunning Great Ocean Road, find the perfect car to explore Australia’s diverse landscapes.

Spain: Enjoy the sun-soaked beaches of Costa del Sol, the cultural richness of Madrid, and the architectural wonders of Barcelona with ease.

Italy: Drive through picturesque countryside in Tuscany, explore ancient ruins in Rome, or experience the romance of Venice with our diverse fleet.

South Africa: Embark on a safari adventure, explore the vibrant city of Cape Town, or drive along the scenic Garden Route with confidence.

Find Your Perfect Car Hire Location:

Searching for the ideal car hire location has never been easier with Rhino Car Hire. Simply browse through our extensive list of countries and cities below to find the perfect car rental options for your journey. Whether you are planning to drive through the scenic routes of the French countryside, explore the bustling streets of Tokyo, or relax on the pristine beaches of Australia, we have you covered. Our comprehensive directory ensures that you can quickly and effortlessly locate a car hire service in your desired destination, complete with tailored options and competitive rates. Start your adventure with Rhino Car Hire and enjoy the freedom to explore the world at your own pace.


Can’t Find Your Destination? Use Our Search Box!

If the destination or collection point you require isn't shown in our list, don't worry! Simply enter your desired location in our convenient search box. Our extensive network spans over 100 countries, and we are dedicated to providing you with the best car hire options available. By entering your specific destination, you can access a wider range of locations and services, ensuring you find the perfect vehicle for your trip. At Rhino Car Hire, we strive to meet all your travel needs, making your car rental experience smooth and hassle-free.

Car Hire from Airports Worldwide with Rhino Car Hire

Rhino Car Hire makes your travel experience seamless by providing car hire services from airports across the globe. Whether you're landing at one of the world's busiest hubs like London Heathrow, JFK in New York, or Tokyo Haneda, or arriving at smaller regional airports, we ensure that a reliable vehicle is ready and waiting for you. Our extensive network covers major international airports, regional terminals, and even the most remote airstrips, giving you the freedom to continue your journey with ease and comfort. With Rhino Car Hire, you can effortlessly transition from air travel to exploring your destination by road, all while enjoying competitive rates, a wide selection of vehicles, and exceptional customer service. Wherever your travels take you, Rhino Car Hire ensures you have the perfect car waiting at the airport, ready to drive your adventures forward.

Rhino Car Hire International Sites:

Rhino Car Hire is committed to making car rental accessible and convenient for travelers worldwide. Our international sites offer localized services in various languages, ensuring that you can easily navigate and book your car hire in your preferred language. We provide comprehensive support and tailored information for each region, making your travel planning effortless and enjoyable.

Exclusive Offers: Tailored Car Hire Options

At Rhino Car Hire, we pride ourselves on offering exclusive deals and tailored car hire options to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you're over 50, over 70, or under 25, we have specific rental packages designed for you. Benefit from our over 50's and over 70's car hire options, which include great discounts and additional perks. For younger drivers, we provide under 25's car hire with competitive rates and flexible terms. Take advantage of our car hire discount codes and special offers to save even more on your next rental. We accept debit card payments in some locations for your convenience and offer student discounts to help you travel affordably. Need to travel from one destination to another? Our one-way car rental service has got you covered. Enjoy the ease of driving with our automatic vehicles, or choose an eco-friendly option with our electric vehicle hire. For car enthusiasts, we also offer American muscle car rental for an unforgettable driving experience. Whatever your requirements, Rhino Car Hire has a tailored solution for you, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable car hire experience.

Book with Confidence at Rhino Car Hire

Booking with Rhino Car Hire means choosing a reliable, convenient, and cost-effective car rental solution tailored to your specific needs. With our extensive global network, localized services, and exclusive offers, we provide a seamless and enjoyable car hire experience for travelers around the world. Whether you need a compact car for city exploration, a luxury model for a special occasion, or an eco-friendly vehicle, our diverse fleet and flexible options ensure you find the perfect match. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 customer support, competitive rates, and easy online booking. Trust Rhino Car Hire to make your journey smooth and memorable, no matter where your travels take you. Book your car hire today and explore the world with confidence.

How to Book

Booking your car hire with Rhino Car Hire is straightforward:

  1. Search: Enter your destination, dates, and any specific requirements such as vehicle type or extras.
  2. Select: Browse through the available options and choose the vehicle that best suits your needs.
  3. Book: Complete your booking with our secure online payment system and receive instant confirmation.

Rental Car Stats - Worldwide

  • Cancun - Playa Blanca, Mexico €5.8 per day
  • Toyota Hilux in Salta, Argentina €4645.3 per day
  • €355.38 per week
  • Volkswagen Jetta
  • 11443
  • Germany with 3,548 EV cars
  • United States of America with 1,659 convertible cars, most popular Mini Convertible

Agent Stats - Worldwide

  • 65,111,531
  • 34,397
  • 335
  • ENTERPRISE, 38,239 cars
  • HERTZ, 3,063 locations
  • United States of America - 5,121
  • Auckland Airport - 78
  • MERGE CAR RENTAL, Langkawi - Airport 70 mins

Car Rental Review Stats - Worldwide

  • BUDGET, 1,772,183 reviews with avg score of 8.0/10
  • CARWIZ, 9.9/10 highest score
  • HERTZ, 0.7/10 lowest score

Rental Location Stats - Worldwide

  • 357,754
  • Miami - Airport (Florida), 526 cars
  • Stuttgart - Train Station - Central Station, 397 cars