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Car Hire Vienna Useful Information

Hiring a car in Vienna offers several benefits, but it's important to consider your specific travel plans and preferences. Here are the benefits of hiring a car in Vienna, information about the road network, traffic, and some popular destinations you can explore:

Benefits of Hiring a Car in Vienna:

Flexibility: Having a rental car provides you with the flexibility to explore Vienna and its surroundings at your own pace. You can create your own itinerary and make spontaneous stops along the way.

Access to Scenic Routes: Austria is known for its stunning landscapes, and having a car allows you to venture into picturesque regions like the Austrian Alps, the Wachau Valley, and the Danube River.

Convenience: If you plan to visit places outside Vienna, such as nearby towns, castles, or vineyards, having a car can be more convenient than relying solely on public transportation.

Exploring Beyond the City: Vienna is a cultural hub, but if you want to explore places beyond the city, having a car makes it easier to reach destinations like Salzburg, Graz, Lake Neusiedl, and Bratislava (Slovakia), all of which are within a few hours' drive.

Road Network and Traffic:

Road Quality: Austria has a well-maintained road network with excellent quality roads and highways (autobahns). The roads in and around Vienna are generally in good condition, and road signs are clear and well-marked.

Traffic: Vienna's road network can experience traffic congestion during peak hours, particularly in the city center. However, compared to larger cities, Vienna's traffic is relatively manageable. It's a good idea to plan your routes to avoid rush hours.

Parking: Vienna has numerous parking garages and on-street parking options. Parking fees may apply in the city center, and some areas may have restricted parking zones. Be sure to check local parking regulations and options when parking in Vienna.

Popular Destinations to Drive to from Vienna:

Wachau Valley: Explore the scenic Wachau Valley along the Danube River, known for its charming villages, vineyards, and historic monasteries.

Graz: Drive to Graz, Austria's second-largest city, and visit its historic old town, impressive architecture, and cultural attractions.

Salzburg: Journey to Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart, and explore its picturesque old town and fortress.

Bratislava, Slovakia: Vienna is close to Bratislava, and you can easily drive to this charming Slovakian capital for a day trip.

Eisenstadt: Visit Eisenstadt to see the beautiful Esterházy Palace and the final resting place of composer Joseph Haydn.

Lake Neusiedl: Drive to Lake Neusiedl (Neusiedler See), a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and enjoy water activities, cycling, and bird-watching.

In summary, hiring a car in Vienna provides you with the freedom to explore both the city and its beautiful surroundings. While Vienna's road network is generally easy to navigate, it's advisable to plan your routes, consider traffic conditions, and familiarize yourself with parking options to make the most of your driving experience in Austria.

Current Rental Rates in Vienna

Seat Ibiza

5 Adults, 3 Doors

From 39.21 EUR/day
Seat Ibiza

7 Days rental at 274.49 EUR from 22/04/2024

  2 |
  Manual |

Volkswagen T-Cross

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 43.45 EUR/day
Volkswagen T-Cross

7 Days rental at 304.19 EUR from 22/04/2024

  3 |
  Manual |

Fiat 500 Convertible

4 Adults, 2 Doors

From 45.05 EUR/day
Fiat 500 Convertible

7 Days rental at 315.35 EUR from 22/04/2024

  1 |
  Manual |

Tesla Model Y

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 95.00 EUR/day
Tesla Model Y

7 Days rental at 665.00 EUR from 22/04/2024

  4 |
  Automatic |

Tesla Model Y

5 Adults, 5 Doors

From 124.00 EUR/day
Tesla Model Y

7 Days rental at 868.00 EUR from 22/04/2024

  4 |
  Automatic |

Key Highlights for Car Hire at Vienna: Making the Most of Your Journey.

  • The city is so close to Slovakia that it forms a municipal area with Bratislava, Slovakia’s capital.
  • It’s the home of the world famous Spanish Riding School – watch the beautiful horses perform their routines at a show.
  • Like Berlin, Vienna was partitioned by the Allies after World War II but into four parts, not two.
  • The city plays a big part as the setting of the Graham Greene novel, The Third Man.
  • It’s the last place in Europe for the custom of grand balls! Over 200 are held each year and nine orchestras operate to service them.

Best car rental companies in Vienna

No.1: AVIS,
based on 69 reviews
6 min (average wait time)
based on 187 reviews
20 min (average wait time)
based on 279 reviews
16 min (average wait time)

Vienna car hire information

  • 9.0/10
    Best Rated Agent:
    Avis Europe Corporate
  • € 274.47
    Average price:
    (per week)
  • € 39.21
    Best Price:
    Per Week
  • 14
    Most Popular Type:
  • 3
    Most popular model:
    Volkswagen T-Cross
  • 50
    Total Cars Available

Average prices per day in Vienna

January€ 60
February€ 66
March€ 60
April€ 58
May€ 55
June€ 72
July€ 68
August€ 74
September€ 59
October€ 62
November€ 51
December€ 59
January€ 49
February€ 52
March€ 45
April€ 44
May€ 44
June€ 53
July€ 55
August€ 60
September€ 51
October€ 52
November€ 42
December€ 45
January€ 107
February€ 120
March€ 108
April€ 95
May€ 94
June€ 116
July€ 129
August€ 139
September€ 111
October€ 106
November€ 96
December€ 123
January€ 90
February€ 102
March€ 88
April€ 78
May€ 77
June€ 85
July€ 93
August€ 101
September€ 81
October€ 83
November€ 73
December€ 94
January€ 125
February€ 163
March€ 160
April€ 156
May€ 168
June€ 143
July€ 157
August€ 150
September€ 152
October€ 162
November€ 208
December€ 180
January€ 49
February€ 52
March€ 42
April€ 38
May€ 36
June€ 42
July€ 42
August€ 49
September€ 52
October€ 56
November€ 40
December€ 42
January€ 99
February€ 117
March€ 104
April€ 98
May€ 95
June€ 102
July€ 113
August€ 112
September€ 99
October€ 106
November€ 99
December€ 119
January€ 72
February€ 92
March€ 74
April€ 71
May€ 52
June€ 89
July€ 70
August€ 81
September€ 72
October€ 86
November€ 58
December€ 63

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