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Is it worth hiring an electric car?

When you opt for an electric vehicle rental, be assured that your expenses for keeping the wheels in motion will be lower compared to those for a traditional car. Generally, you will still incur costs for the electricity needed to recharge it, but this will only be a fraction of what purchasing gasoline would cost.  Boasting zero exhaust emissions is a strong assertion, and this precisely applies to electric cars. These vehicles produce no exhaust, whether you're driving on the highway, or in suburban congestions so  you dont have to worry about driving through Cities and Towns who have implemented Clean Air Zones.

Electric car hire is now a viable option when hiring a car as rental agents / governments around the world have made a conscious effort to shift away from petrol and diesel cars and make them more available. Whilst still a long way to go in many countries, heavy investment in infrastructure is starting to filter through to a viable charging network. Some countries as you might imagine are further along the road than others with the Netherlands and Scandinavian countries leading the way.

Amsterdam for example has the widest range of electric car hire agents / models available of any city in the EU taking advantage of the Netherlands advanced infrastructure. In locations where the infrastructure is secure, you’ll find rental agents are introducing, or adding electric hire cars to their fleets. As more and more of us chose electric cars for our daily lives, familiarity results in confidence to rent electric cars and is reflected in rental agent’s choice of vehicles.

Electric Hire Car

What are the most popular electric cars to rent?

  • BMW i3 (compact)
  • Tesla Model S (Premium / Full-size)
  • Volkswagen ID.3 (compact)
  • Skoda Enyaq iV (SUV)
  • Kia e-Niro (compact)

Our most popular locations for electric car rental are:

FAQs about Electric Car Hire

How far can I drive in an electric car?

Depending on the make of model of electric hire car you rent and the battery size of that vehicle will determine the range possible. Expect anywhere between 150-250 miles on average.

Where can I charge an electric hire car?

Most service stations now have electric car charging points. Your electric hire car will be handed over with a full charge meaning anywhere between 150 – 300 mile range before you need to worry about where to charge. Your electric hire car will also be equipped with all the charging cables required to use any public charge point, or domestic plug socket. Ideally, charging your electric hire car overnight is a good option where possible.

Where can I hire an electric car?

The sectors fast growing market, electric car hire fleets are growing quicker than any other vehicles type with thousands of locations now available all over the world offering electric car hire. To see if your location has electric car hire available, simply run a regular car hire search and use the filter in the left hand column (filter menu on mobile) to select electric hire cars only.

How long does it take to charge an electric hire car?

Depending on the charge used it can take up to 24 hours to fully charge an electric hire car using a standard socket. However, many service stations have rapid charging points that can recharge your electric hire car to 80% capacity is a little as 30 minutes depending on the size of the battery. If you’re new to electric car hire, it’s wise to plan your journey / recharging stops in advance and factoring into overall journey times.

How much does it cost to charge an electric hire car?

There are many factors that affect the cost of charging an electric car, much like a petrol car where the size of the fuel tank has an impact, the battery size in an electric car is the primary factor affecting cost to recharge. However, the bigger the battery, the higher the range. An average electric hire car has a battery of between 60-100 kWh and you should expect to pay around 15-20p per kWh at public charging stations resulting in cost of anywhere between £8-20 to recharge an electric hire car to reach comparable range in a petrol car.

Why hire an electric car?
  • Cost effective
With fuel prices soaring in Europe and around the world, renting an electric car could significantly reduce your fuel bill when renting a car. Expect to pay around 25% for the electricity to recharge your electric hire car compared to the fuel required in a regular rental car to achieve the same mileage.
  • High quality cars
Most electric cars are higher specification and better equipped than a regular car. As manufacturers try to lure drivers towards an electric car, you’ll find specifications are often more generous and will more often than not include navigation and full connectivity. At present also, electric hire cars are generally from premium brands such as BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and Tesla.
  • Improved Access
As many cities impose charges or out right bans on polluting cars, electric hire cars are exempt from any such charges including the London Congestion Zone and ULEZ. Expect more cities in the UK and all around the world to implement such schemes resulting in the cost of visiting (driving within) major cities / tourist attractions is likely to increase dramatically.

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