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If you need to return a rental car to a different location to where you collected, we can arrange that usually without problem...

One way car rental is an excellent option if you wish to avoid airport parking fees.  Equally, we understand that picking up and returning your rental car to the same location isn’t always possible. We also know that when you hire a car it’s because you are looking for the freedom and independence that self-drive car hire offers. 

One-way car hire is perfect if you need to return a car to a different location to where you collected it. Whether you need to collect from the airport and drop off somewhere else or vice versa, depending on your needs, one-way car hire is a convenient, time and cost-effective means for getting from A to B.

Search and compare one-way car hire deals from leading rental agents all over the world. And just to be clear, all of our rates INCLUDE any one-way fee for your rental. No extra fees to pay on arrival, no hidden charges, just a clear and transparent price for your one-way car rental.


One-way car rental FAQs

What is one-way car rental?

Quite simply, one-way car hire is when you collect your rental car from one location and return it to another. This might be picking up from one airport and returning to another, from an airport and returning to a downtown location or vice versa.

How much is one-way car rental?

One-way car hire fees vary greatly and depend on the rental agent and locations for pick up and drop off. For instance, if you are collecting a rental car from Alicante Airport and plan to return to Corvera Airport in Murcia, the one-way fee is likely to be modest if applicable at all as this is only around 100km away and the cost to the rental agent is minimal. Return that car to a location on the side of Spain and expect to pay a lot more!

£1 one-way car hire

You’ll likely have seen the promotions advertising one-way car hire for just £1. The reality is likely very different and whilst it might be possible to rent a car for £1 for a one-way hire, it’s extremely unlikely to fit with your travel plans. It is a means of the rental agents repatriating their one-way rentals back to their original destination and rather than pay staff to do this, they charge you. The likelihood of there being a car needing repatriating from your pickup to drop off location is also extremely slim.

What is the cheapest way to rent a car one way?

If you’re travel plans don’t fit with the rental agents needs (highly likely), the cheapest way to rent a car one-way is to search the leading one-way rental agents such as Avis, Europcar, Hertz and Sixt to compare rental prices, plus their one-way fee. We have done the hard work for you as our rates display the TOTAL rate including the rental agent one-way fee. There are no hidden charges or fees on arrival, simply pay the full amount in advance including any one-way fees.

What will stop me booking one-way car hire?

One of the main barriers to one-way car hire is the availability of a rental agent at both destinations. For instance, if you want to collect a one-way rental car from Hertz in Bordeaux and return to Bergerac, this will not be possible as Hertz do not have an outlet in Bergerac. Other rental agents such as Avis and Europcar have offices at both locations so will be possible.

One-way car hire fees whilst will not stop you booing one-way car hire, they can sometimes be prohibitively high and stop you booking one-way car hire.

Can I drop a one-way car rental to a different country?

It is possible in some cases, for instance it is sometimes possible to hire a car in France and return it to a bordering country such as Switzerland or Spain. One-way car rental between 2 different countries is limited by the car rental agent terms and conditions, however our search engine will display only those rental agents that allow this.

Be prepared for high one-way fees (always included in our rates) for returning a rental car to a different country as the repatriation costs to the rental agent are significantly higher.

The most popular one-way car hire locations:

One-way rental


Drop off

Pacific Coast Highway
Los Angeles
San Francisco
Great Ocean Road
The Garden Route
Cape Town
Port Elizabeth
La Route des Grandes Alpes
North Coast 500