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Ryanair change their baggage more often than many people change their underwear. The most recent change to the baggage policy claims to simplify the policy, however many users view it as simply another measure to squeeze more pounds or Euro’s from their customers. As a short haul, low-cost carrier many Ryanair customers travel light and aim to take hand luggage only to keep the cost to a minimum and ensure a speedy turnaround at the destination airport without the need to wait at baggage reclaim. However Ryanair’s latest policy prevents the majority travelling hand luggage only for free as they now have the smallest free allowance for hand luggage of any airline.
Ryanair Excess Baggage Allowance

Ryanair Excess Baggage Charges

Like most airlines, the most cost effective way to pay for excess baggage on Ryanair flights is to pre-book your luggage at time of booking. Even returning to manage your booking at a later stage will see prices ramp up from the initial time of booking. Leave it until you’re at the airport and you should expect more again. Arrive at the gate with more baggage than you booked and you’ll be charge €/£11 per kilogram for every kg over weight. To be fair to Ryanair, easyJet charge more at £12 per kg.
Baggage Type
Max Size (cm)
Max Weight (kg)
Small Bag
40 x 25 x 20
Cabin Bag
55 x 40 x 20
Checked in Bag
81 x 119 x 119
Excess Baggage*
81 x 119 x 119
* £11 per kg over 20kg

Ryanair Baggage Allowance

As of 1st November 2018, Ryanair became the meanest airline when it comes to free carry-on baggage allowance. The most basic of ticket holders (non-priority) can only carry a single small bag of 40 x 25 x 20cm on board. New baggage containers are located at check-in and every boarding gate to check the 2 sizes of cabin baggage with the smallest little larger than a large handbag or small rucksack.
Baggage Type
Time of Booking (€/£)
Post Booking / Airport (€/£)
Small Bag
Cabin Bag
10kg Check-in Bag
20kg Check-In Bag*
from 25
from 40
Excess Baggage Fee (per kg)
* 20kg check-in bags start from £25, on a flight from LGW to Paphos in June 2019 this costs £35

Ryanair Hand Luggage Allowance

Priority boarding passengers (€/£6 pp per flight) can carry 2 cabin bags into the cabin (until cabin capacity is reached, then it is no longer an option – approx. first 80 passengers), one small bag (max 40 x 25 x 20cm – no weight limit) and one cabin bag (max 55 x 40 x 20cm – 10kg limit). Non priority passengers may only take the small bag on board. If the cabin bag limit is reached for the flight and you need to carry more than a small bag, you can add a 10kg cabin bag for £10 at time of booking, or select from the hold luggage options for larger bags.

Ryanair Check-in Baggage Allowance

Passengers can purchase up to 3 checked bags per ticket. 20kg check in bags cost €/£35 per flight, per bag at time of booking. If added to the booking at a later date or at the airport, expect to pay £50 / 50 EUR per bag. The maximum weight for any individual item is 32kg, it is far more cost effective to purchase 2 check in bags than pay the excess baggage charge at €/£11 per KG, which could cost as much as €/£132 should you bring a 32kg bag to the airport if you’ve only booked a 20kg bag. Booking 2 x 20kg bags online would only cost at least an extra €/£25 and provide up to 40kg of total baggage.

Ryanair Special Baggage

Ryanair will allow you to travel with various items of special baggage such as sports equipment, see table to baggage fees for details. All charges are per item, per flight and limited to 20kg. The same excess baggage fees (€/£11) apply for pre-booked sports equipment that exceeds the weight limit. The same 32kg maximum limit applies. At €/£45 per item, per flight, if you are heading on a ski holiday and plan to take both ski’s and boots in separate bags you’ll have to fork out an extra €/£180 in total for your flight, making renting in resort a much cheaper option.
Special Baggage
Time of Booking (€/£)
Post Booking / Airport (€/£)
Sports Equipment
Large Sports Equipment
Ski Equipment
Golf Clubs
Musical Instruments

Ryanair Infant Baggage Allowance

Infants under 2 travelling on their parents (adult) lap are not entitled to any luggage allowance.
Children (0-15 years old) may carry a collapsible pushchair / buggy, plus one of the following items free of charge (carried in the hold, can be taken to the aircraft steps). Further items can be booked for £11/11EUR per item, per flight.
  • Travel Cot
  • Car Seat (we recommend taking your own if renting a car abroad)

Trunki on Ryanair Flights

Whilst Ryanair claim to be Trunki friendly, they are the only airline to ban the children’s travel luggage from free hand luggage. You can no longer carry a Trunki into the cabin as free hand luggage. You can take a Trunki on a Ryanair flight, but it’ll cost €/£10 per flight, read more here.

Ryanair Baggage App

The Ryanair app has a new tool that enables you to measure your hand luggage to check if it fits within the new luggage guidelines. Launched in April 2019, the app aims to take the worry about having to pay extra to take your hand luggage into the cabin. As we know the children’s Trunki case fails the test and is not permitted onboard for free as you can see below;

ryanair bag sizer app ryanair bag sizer app checker ryanair bag sizer app trunki ryanair bag sizer trunki


Disclaimer - Information correct at time of publication: 14 May 2019 No data found

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