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Norwegian Baggage Allowance

Norwegian market themselves as the World’s best long haul, low-cost carrier, a hybrid of sorts offering a unique blend of low-cost, no-frills flights with all the creature comforts and luxuries you expect from a long haul airline. When it comes to luggage allowance, we’d put Norwegian firmly in the camp of the long haul airlines as its generous baggage allowance is certainly more comparable to it’s long haul competitors than its low-cost model airlines. Like most long haul, the ticket type and route will have a bearing on what luggage is included with your ticket price, but Norwegian guarantee that every ticket holder is permitted to take a minimum of 10kg hand luggage combined between a carry on case and personal item, whilst it’s premium intercontinental routes get an extra 5kg in the cabin and 2 x 20kg cases in the hold! If you’re flying Norwegian, luggage allowance shouldn’t cause you too much of a headache.
Norwegian excess baggage allowance fees

Norwegian Excess Baggage Charges

Whilst Norwegian offer a generous baggage allowance, should you tip the scales a few kilo’s over your allowance you can expect to pay a straight forward £11 per kilo, per flight. If you have a 20kg allowance and you pack in 23kg, that’s £33 extra each way. Whilst it might be difficult to reduce your excess baggage weight for your outbound flight, you might consider packing slightly differently for your return trip to avoid the same fee.

Norwegian Hand Luggage Allowance

All passengers on all Norwegian flights are allowed to take 2 pieces of hand luggage free of charge. This can be a carry-on case of up to 55 x 40 x 23cm in size in addition to a small personal item (to be placed under the seat in front of you) no larger than 33 x 25 x 20cm. All tickets with the exception of PremiumFlex have a combined 10kg free hand luggage allowance on Norwegian flight. PremiumFlex customers benefit from an extra 5kg, with a 15kg hand luggage limit.
Baggage Type
Max Size (cm)
Max Weight (kg)
Personal Item*
33 x 25 x 20
Hand Luggage*
55 x 40 x 23
Hold Baggage
90 x 75 x 43
Excess Baggage
*Personal item + Hand Luggge max weight increased to 15kg for PremiumFlex, reduced to 8kg for all flights to Dubai. Only flights to and from Dubai have a lower limit, just 8kg for all ticket types due to weight restrictions on this route.

Norwegian Check-in Baggage Allowance

Norwegian have a very straight forward checked-in baggage policy. Only Flex, Premium and Premium Flex ticket holders (only available on International long-haul flights) include checked-in baggage within the basic ticket price. These customers benefit from 2 x 20kg bags as standard, however can upgrade these to 32kg if required. The maximum amount of checked-ed in baggage any single customer may travel with is 64kg (2 x 32kg cases).
As with all airlines, it’s always cheaper to add your luggage requirements at time of booking as you’ll pay a premium for adding luggage at the airport.
Baggage Purchased at Airport
Direct Flights
Connecting Flights
Domestic / International
Checked-in luggage purchased at time of ticket booking or via the manage booking facility online vary depending on the route / flight type and start from £9 one way through to £130 return for the longest routes.

Norwegian Special Baggage

Norgegian are always happy to carry special baggage for you, the following table set's out the charges and maximum weights of the most popular items of special baggage. Price are per item, per flight. Should you need to travel with an item of special baggage not listed, you should contact the airlines to discuss your requirements. As with regular baggage, any individual item is limited to 32kg. Should your special baggage exceed the weight limit set out below, you'll be charged the same £11/kg excess baggage fee on Norwegian.
Special Baggage Charges (per item, one-way)
Max Weight
All flights (excl. long-haul)
International long-haul
£30-35 (online) / £40-60 (airport)
£50 online / £60 (airport)
£30-35 (online) / £40-60 (airport)
£50 online / £60 (airport)
Golf Clubs
£30-35 (online) / £40-60 (airport)
£50 online / £60 (airport)
Surfboards + Kite
£34-45 (online) / £45-70 (airport)
£60 online / £70 (airport)
£34-45 (online) / £45-70 (airport)
£60 online / £70 (airport)

Norwegian Infant Baggage Allowance

Like most airlines, Norwegian aim to make travelling with children as pain free as possible. You can check in one car seat and one stroller per child under 11 years old, free of charge on any Norwegian flight. Children under 2 who do not have their own seat are entitled to 5kg of checked baggage which can be included within your baggage, or they can have their own separate case.

This entitles your standard baggage to weigh up to 25kg with no excess baggage charge, however the maximum weight for any individual case remains at 32kg.

Children between 2-11 years of age are permitted to carry the same baggage allowance as their ticket type allows.

Trunki on Norwegian Flights

Norwegian permitted hand luggage will easily accommodate the Trunki, the children’s favourite ride on luggage. Children can also carry a personal item such as a small backpack as whilst the Trunki does fit under the seat, it is a snug fit and might be better placed in the overhead lockers.
Disclaimer - Information correct at time of publication: 28 May 2019 No data found

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