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Lufthansa Baggage Allowance

There are many variables that will determine your baggage allowance on Lufthansa flights, the primary one being the type of ticket booked. Whether you are an Economy Light, Economy Classic and Flex or Business class customer will have a significant bearing on the amount of luggage you can carry for free and the cost of excess baggage on Lufthansa services.

Lufthansa excess baggage allowance

Lufthansa Excess Baggage Charges

Depending on the type of ticket you have booked on Lufthansa, the amount of baggage you are entitled to carry varies significantly. The cheapest ticket; Economy Light, allows only a single 8kg carry-on baggage, plus a small personal item such as handbag or laptop bag. There is no checked-in allowance for Economy Light ticket holders. Compare that to Business Class travellers who can carry 2 x 8kg carry-on luggage and 2 x 23kg checked-in items included within the price of their ticket, baggage allowance on Lufthansa varies dramatically.
Baggage Type
Max Size (cm)
Max Weight (kg)
Personal Item*
Hand Luggage
56 x 45 x 25
Hold Baggage
158 x 158 x 158
23 (32 business)
Excess Baggage*
* route dependant, rates start from 40 EUR, up to 300 EUR

Lufthansa Hand Luggage Allowance

No matter what type of ticket you purchase on any Lufthansa route you are guaranteed 1 piece of carry on hand luggage, plus a personal item such as a handbag or laptop case. It’s not the most generous of allowances however, limited to 8kg, Lufthansa carry hand luggage allowance is among the lightest of all the airlines, but it is free of charge and the addition of a personal item should be plenty for light packers. Size shouldn’t be an issue either with a generous 55cm x 40cm x 23cm allowance. And if you’re travelling Business or First Class, you can take 2 items of hand luggage on board for free.

Lufthansa Check-in Baggage Allowance

Again, your allowance is determined by the ticket you hold from zero checked-in baggage allowance for Economy Light ticket holders are not entitled to any checked-in luggage, Economy Class and Flex ticket holders are entitled to 1 x 23kg piece of luggage, whilst Business Class benefit from 2 x 32kg (up to 64kg in total) and First Class ticket holders a whopping 3 x 32kg cases (up to 96kg). Whilst Lufthansa apply a flat rate structure for excess / overweight baggage it is dependent on route / ticket type. The maximum weight for any single piece of luggage is 32kg (including sports equipment and special baggage), anything over 32kg must be sent as freight and prior arrangements should be made.
Ticket Type
Carry-on Baggage
Checked Baggage
Economy Light
Economy Classic & Flex
*Business Class ticket holders can carry 2 x checked luggage each weighting up to 32kg total 64kg
**First Class ticket holders can carry 3 x checked luggage each weighting up to 32kg total 96kg

Lufthansa Special Baggage

The fees to carry sports equipment on Lufthansa flight varies depending on the route / type of equipment. This is split into standard sports equipment and Bulky Sports equipment as set out in the table below. Any individual item is limited to 32kg, making Lufthansa one of the most generous carriers of sports and special baggage, however it’s not the cheapest. Domestic routes start from 70 EUR for a single piece of standard sports baggage right up to 250 EUR for longer intercontinental flights. Whilst bulky sports equipment starts from 110 EUR for domestic routes, up to 400 EUR for intercontinental flights.
Standard Sports Equipment* (up to 2m)
Bulky Sports Equipment** (over 2m)
Fishing Equipment
Hang Glider
Ski / Snowboarding equipment
Tandem Bicycle
Golf Clubs
Canoes / Kayak
Surfboards over 2m

Lufthansa Infant Baggage Allowance

Lufthansa has one of the most family friendly policies when it comes to travelling with young infants (under 2). Irrespective of the class of ticket the accompanying adult has purchased, all infants under 2 years old are entitled to a single piece of checked-in luggage of up to 23kg. Children over 2 have the same baggage allowance as adult tickets and reflects the class of ticket purchased. If you are travelling with children under 7 years old you are entitled to take additional pieces of luggage for free and will be carried in the hold. Folding pushchairs can be taken to the aircraft steps.
  • Pushchair / Buggy
  • Travel Cot
  • Car Seat

Trunki on Lufthansa Flights

The Trunki comfortably fits within the size restrictions for carry-on hand luggage and as all customer are entitled to a single piece of hand luggage, you can (or your child) can take a Trunki on board all Lufthansa flights for free. Of all the airlines we have checked, only Ryanair do not permit the Trunki as free carry on luggage.
Disclaimer - Information correct at time of publication: 14 May 2019 No data found

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    Nikolaos Athanasakos

    Dear sir...we are planning a trip from manchester to frankfurt int airport.the problem is that we are 2 adults and we have 3 large baggages(approx 23 kilos each one) and 3 cabin laggages about 12 kg each one. plus 2 personal bags the process of booking the flighgt i saw that your policy is 1 cabin laggage(8 kg) plus i checked in laggage (23 kg) per passenger.takin into account the given requirement of my trip what is the extra cost of my flight beyond of course the booked policy price. KIND REGARDS ATHANASAKOS NICK