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Whether you’re flying from London Heathrow to Dubai, Amsterdam to Singapore or Las Vegas to Los Angeles, if you’re spending time in the air with any of the major airlines there are some things you need to know. At Rhino, over 90% of our customers collect and / or return their rental cars to an airport so we know how important flying is to our customers and business alike. That’s why we’ve gone to the effort to compare statistics from all of the leading airlines and airports around the world to share useful information and airline hacks to save you money and hopefully make your flight a more enjoyable experience. From baggage allowances and excess charges, to airport statistics and reviews, Our Fly Smart guides are aimed to offer you, the customer, as much useful information as possible to plan for your flight and arrive to collect your rental car.

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Excess Baggage and Baggage Allowances Compared

Here we look at the world of excess baggage and luggage allowance from the worlds leading airlines. From short-haul budget carriers to long-haul premium airlines we reveal the airlines with the most generous baggage allowances and those with the worst, more here.

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Airport Statistics Compared

Here we look at every statistic you can think of when flying from an airport. Most people would rather fly from their nearest airport, but it can often be a lot cheaper to fly from an alternative airport. From drop-off parking charges to long term, on-airport and off-site parking to baggage trolley charges and airport wifi we review it all.

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Compare Excess Baggage Fees

Compare Airport Statistics

Compare In-Flight Meals

Compare In-Flight Drinks

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