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Easyjet operate a relatively straight forward, not to mention generous, baggage policy. As a budget carrier operating only short haul routes around Europe, compared to some airlines its policy and excess baggage charges are simple to understand. That doesn’t mean you can just buy a ticket and turn up to the airport with everything including the kitchen sink and expect to take it on board free of charge. Whilst the easyjet hand luggage policy is among the simplest and more generous out there, check-in luggage is not so straight forward and you need to know how much luggage you are travelling with when booking online to avoid high excess baggage charges at the airport.

easyjet excess baggage

easyJet Excess Baggage Charges

Like all airlines, the cheapest way to carry extra bags or weight is to book online in advance. If you arrive at the airport with excess baggage, expect to pay a premium to take it on your flight. Easyjet charge £12 per kilo over your pre-arranged weight limit for check-in hold luggage and whilst their carry-on hand luggage has no specific weight limit, easyjet state you must be able to lift it into the overhead locker. In reality, anything over 15kg is likely to land you hot water as whilst you may able to lift it above your head, should a member of cabin crew, or fellow passenger need to move your case, lifting anything above your head heavier than 15kg could be problematic. If you’re case is deemed to heavy and is placed in the hold for safety reasons, you’ll be charged the airport fee for checked in luggage.
Easyjet Excess Baggage
At Airport
Cabin / Carry-on Luggage
1 free per person, per flight
15kg Hold Luggage
Fee depends on route, flight and time of booking
23kg Hold Luggage
£40 at bag drop / £50 at gate
Fee depends on route, flight and time of booking
32kg Hold Luggage
£12 per 3kg over 23kg
Purchased in increments of 3kg (26/29/32)
Excess Baggage Fee
Charged per kilo over the booked weight, max 32kg per item
Small Sports Equipment*
Max 20kg weight
Large Sports Equipment*
Max 32kg weight

easyJet Baggage Allowance

Every passenger booking a standard fare / seat on any easyjet flight may take 1 piece of carry-on hand luggage with them. Check-in hold luggage and sports equipment can be added and are charges accordingly subject to the route / time of booking, see table.

easyJet Baggage Sizes

Luggage Type
Length (cm)
Width (cm)
Height (cm)
Weight (kg)
no limit
Hand Baggage
no limit
Check-in Baggage
32 (max)

easyJet Special Baggage

Most sports equipment is permitted on easyjet flights and will either be classed as small or large, the table below sets out what items fall into each category. Small sports equipment is limited to 20kg and large sports equipment limited to 32kg maximum weight. You can add one piece of sports equipment per passenger (in addition to hold luggage) and a maximum of 6 pieces per booking regardless of how many individual passengers are travelling in the group. If you require more than 6 pieces in total for the group, you can make a special request or split your group booking into smaller groups.
Small (max 20kg)
Large (max 32kg)
Skis and ski boots
Kayaks and Canoes
Golf Clubs
Surfboards and Wind Surfers
Diving Equipment
Hang Gliders

easyJet Infant Baggage Allowance

Infants under 2 cannot purchase a ticket / seat and must travel on the parents (adult) lap. Infants do not have a luggage allowance, however you are permitted to take an additional baby changing bag into the cabin (maximum 45 x 36 x 20cm which must be placed under the seat in front. Children (0-15 years old) may carry up to 2 of the following items free of charge in the hold;
  • Pushchair / buggy (can be taken to the aircraft steps)
  • Travel Cot
  • Car Seat (we recommend taking your own if renting a car abroad)

Trunki on easyJet Flights

The popular children’s travel case, the Trunki can be carried as hand luggage on easyjet flight as is within the maximum hand luggage dimension. See more on which airlines allow Trunki as hand luggage here.
Disclaimer - Information correct at time of publication: 14 May 2019 No data found

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