Daily Car Hire Rates in Indonesia

  • 5 seat minivan
    Toyota Avanza
    5 |
    2 |
    5 |
    From € 41.26
  • Standard
    Toyota Avanza
    5 |
    4 |
    4 |
    From € 45.56
  • 7 seat minivan
    Toyota Innova
    7 |
    4 |
    5 |
    From € 50.91

*daily rates in Indonesia based on a 1 day rental (24hr period) and for guidance purposes only.

Renting a car in Indonesia

Whether you plan to snorkel, swim or chill out on the beach, car hire in Indonesia can give you the freedom to get around this wonferdul country. Internationally recognised rental agents like Avis are well represented in Indonesia, we also work closely with reputable local car rental company TRAC Astra Rent A Car.

Most popular rental cars in Indonesia;

Rental Agent
Make / Model
Toyota Avanza
People Carrier
Toyota Innova
Toyota Kijang

All you need to do fill out some personal details such as your driver’s license number and your age, then indicate on our drop down menu when and where you would like to collect your car. At that point you are ready to select your vehicle. Our easy-to-use website makes car hire Indonesia incredibly easy, but if you have any questions you can look at our FAQS section on the site. Otherwise email us, contact us via the online chat facility, or give us a call.

For our low prices you get liability insurance which includes a (CDW) collision damage waiver and vehicle theft waiver. There is also an insurance option which lets you avoid having to pay any excess charges for a small payment in advance. Car rental has never been easier and our package covers you against every mishap. You will be glad of this comprehensive package as driving standards in Indonesia are generally poor. The best advice is to expect the unexpected.

Car rental locations in Indonesia:

  • Bali (3 rental agents)
  • Denpasar (3 rental agents)
  • Jakarta (2 rental agents)
  • Lombok (1 rental agent)
  • Surabaya (1 rental agent)
  • Java (1 rental agent)
  • Yogyakarta (1 rental agent)

Most popular car rental agents in Indonesia:

  • Avis (Tel: +62 21 3142900)
  • Eazy (Tel: +62 811 8380099)
  • Trac (Tel: 62 361 703333)
  • Bali Car Rental (Tel: +62 813 80453639)
Most popular car rental agents in Indonesia
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*average daily rates based on 7 day rental, search for todays best prices.

Customer questions about Indonesia car hire

Hello, I am looking for a car rental in Jakarta, I wanted it for 1 whole week with a driver with a capacity to drive around 7 people.

Hello, I am sorry but we only offer self drive rentals and cannot arrange a driver.

Useful things to know about Indonesia

  • Indonesia is a country that is made up of 17,508 islands and 33 provinces.
  • The name Indonesia is derived from the Latin 'Indus' and the Greek 'nesos', meaning 'island'.
  • Due to its size, climate and geography Indonesia supports the world's second highest level of biodiversity after Brazil.
  • Indonesia produces some of the largest amounts of nutmeg in the world.
  • The country is home to the Javan rhinoceros, which is not found anywhere else in the world.
Fuel Prices in Indonesia by Month
Month, YearDiesel €/ltrUnleaded €/ltr
Jan , 2020 0.67 0.62
Dec , 2019 0.78 0.65
Nov , 2019 0.78 0.64
Oct , 2019 0.78 0.64
Sep , 2019 0.78 0.64
Aug , 2019 0.76 0.63

Indonesia Mini Guide

What can you Tell me About Indonesia?
It’s the world’s largest archipelago of islands and has the fourth largest population in the world. It is also the world’s largest Muslim country. Ruling the country is a mammoth task with 18,000 inhabited islands spread out over a big area that touches Asia through borders with Malaysia and reaches down towards Australia. The distance between the west and east of the country is huge too with over 2,500 miles separating them and there’s a big difference in the geography, culture and industry between them. The capital is Jakarta, which is almost a byword for traffic congestion and pollution, whilst the country’s insistence on logging means that its rainforests, the same size as the Amazon, are being systematically and ruthlessly cut down.

Indonesia Rainforest

How do I get to Indonesia?
There are hundreds of airports but only three main international ones; Jakarta, Bali and East Java. From there you’ll be able to catch internal flights to all the other airports. International flights operate from all over the world but most European flights operate out of Amsterdam with KLM and Garuda the main carriers, a leftover from the days when the islands were the Dutch East Indies.

What is There to See and Do in Indonesia?
It depends where in Indonesia you’re considering. Bali is famed for its tropical white sandy beaches, hospitality and great food. Sumatra is mountainous and wild with thick forests and vast uninhabited areas. Komodo dragons stalk Nusa Tenggara whilst Borneo is home to Orang Utans, dense forests and raging rivers. Everywhere you go you’ll see mosques and in places, remnants of former religions or minor ones including Buddhism. There are vast temples stretching back hundreds of years and now in danger of being overrun by the jungle whilst the cities are melting pots of humanity with crowded dirty streets infused with the smell of street food and other less pleasant smells.

Indonesia Bali beach

What Can I Buy When in Indonesia?
Local crafts abound, especially carved in the local hardwoods such as ebony, ironwood and mahogany. Musical instruments make a great gift too as do CDs of them being played as part of an Indonesian ensemble. Silk is everywhere, good quality and very reasonably priced. You should look for the better quality even though it’ll be more expensive as it will last longer and still be the same price of cheaper quality back home. Jewellery is good value too but a little ornate for most western tastes.

What Should Tempt my Taste Buds?
Indonesia is a foodie’s dream with so many different styles of food across the nation. It can vary from fiery to mild, rice or noodle based, have a variety of meat, some of which you may not want to have identified, and can be fruity, sour, sweet, dry or with sauces. Many stick to the food they recognise such as Nasi Goreng, which is really just a mix of leftovers, or mild curries but be adventurous and take your taste buds on holiday too!

What is the Local Entertainment Like?
You have traditional dances which are often laid on by hotels or restaurants. Indonesia is famous for its shadow puppetry, often full sized and very intricately designed, it tells traditional stories which, whilst in an Indonesian language, will be easy to pick up through the actions, tone of voice and accompanying sound effects. In the more tourist oriented areas such as Bali, nightclubs are more common but given the chance, spend at least one night doing something cultural.

Driving in Indonesia - Need to know



    Road Driving Side



    Urban speed Limit



    Rural Speed Limit



    Motorway Speed Limit


    IDR  10375.70/Ltr

    Current Petrol Price



    Drink Drive Limit






    Min Rental Age


    Min Driving Age




Next Upcoming Holiday


    Friday 10 Apr 2020

    Good Friday - Public Holiday

Fuel Prices in Indonesia

  • Price of petrol in Indonesia in January

    € 0.62/Ltr

    ($ 0.76/Ltr | IDR 10375.70/Ltr)
  • Price of diesel in Indonesia in January

    € 0.67/Ltr

    ($ 0.82/Ltr | IDR 11212.45/Ltr)

Cost to fill a rental car in Indonesia in January

  Petrol Diesel
Economy € 24.80  ($ 30.37) | € 26.80  ($ 32.82)
Compact € 24.80  ($ 30.37) | € 26.80  ($ 32.82)
Full Size € 31.00  ($ 37.96) | € 33.50  ($ 41.02)
SUV € 37.20  ($ 45.55) | € 40.20  ($ 49.23)
Carrier € 43.40  ($ 53.15) | € 46.90  ($ 57.43)

Police Car in Indonesia

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Most popular car hire locations in Indonesia

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