Renting a car in China?

China is a huge country so you’ll only be doing a very small part of it on your holiday and to do that you’ll need a hire car. Chinese roads are often poorly maintained, especially outside of the cities, and so a good solid hire car in China with four wheeled drive is recommended. With many car hire companies this can be an expensive option but at we believe we offer the lowest possible rates on these and many other rental cars in China. To get the best price it’s essential you book your vehicle online and this is easily done with us, simply use our search facility to find the best deals on car hire China has to offer.
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Useful things to know about China

  • China is properly known as the People’s Republic of China
  • It is the world’s most populous countries with over 1.4 billion people
  • The country is the world’s second largest by land area
  • China lays partial claim to the world’s highest point with Everest on its border with Nepal and the world’s third lowest point, Lake Ayding
  • The country has a wide range of climates and geography
  • Air China are based at Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 flying direct from London to Beijing
Fuel Prices in China by Month
Month, YearDiesel €/ltrUnleaded €/ltr
Jan , 2020 0.86 0.98
Dec , 2019 0.82 0.93
Nov , 2019 0.83 0.93
Oct , 2019 0.81 0.91
Sep , 2019 0.82 0.92
Aug , 2019 0.78 0.87

China Mini Guide

How do I get to China?
There are several international airports around the country making access to the country relatively easy. Beijing’s Capital Airport is one of the world’s busiest serving nearly 80m passengers last year. Guangdong and Shanghai regions each have two airports which served over 30m passengers last year. Whilst many of those passengers were domestic travellers, you can fly from most parts of Europe, some parts of Africa (South Africa, Egypt) and from the USA to China, such is its importance on the world stage. You won’t find budget flights to China but internal flights are reasonably priced.
What is There to See and Do in China?
There is enough to keep you busy for a lifetime but if you need to be selective, the highlights are the Great Wall of China, reputedly humanity’s greatest civil engineering project and falsely claimed to be the only man-made object visible from space. There’s also the Terracotta Army, one of the most exciting archaeological finds since the discovery of Tutankhamen. Shanghai has a fascinating history from its time as an important trade centre with the west at the start of the 20th century and Beijing has many monuments from the height of communism together with the Forbidden City, the palace complex of the Ming and Qing dynasties.

China the forbidden city

What Should I eat in China?
Chinese food is the obvious answer but depending on where you are in the country, the food varies widely. You’ll have the hot and spicy food of Szechuan or the creamy fruity Malaysian style from the southern region and the dry, aromatic tastes from the region bordering Mongolia.

China Malaysian style food

China Tourism Boost Asian Travel

 The numbers show the reality of the situation. Chinese tourists spent US$42 billion for their trips out of the country last year, while foreign tourists to China spent US$38 billion in China. This means that China is running a deficit in the tourism sector. Typically, it is the other way around, with Western countries spending and spending, while the Chinese save their money. While the figures do not show the cost of each element of the travel experience, one can do a rough calculation to compare.

One of the reasons many Western tourists choose Asia travel is the relatively cheap price for these main elements. While the main transportation expense is usually the same going from the US or Europe to Asia and vice versa, the local expenses such as food, lodging, souvenirs, and local transportation are typically much cheaper for Asia travel than for travel in the US and Europe. For instance, while traveling in New York City, a hotel will likely cost around US$100 per night. In contrast, getting a room of comparable quality in one of the major cities of South East Asia will cost just US$30 per night.

The increase in Chinese tourists to top Asia travel destinations is due not only to their increased wealth, but also to the easing of travel restrictions by the central Chinese government. In the past, Chinese tourists could only legally visit a select few destinations, but as of this year, Chinese travelers can travel to over 100 countries, including the United States. Approximately 47 million Chinese tourists made treks overseas last year, which follows the overall increasing trend among Chinese tourists.

The increase in tourism is good for those who enjoy Asia travel, since more infrastructure projects will be completed in order to support the increase in tourism traffic. In Bangkok, Thailand, a center for travel in South East Asia, the government recently completed an airport link which allows easy, cheap, and quick access to and from the main international airport there. This is especially good news for Asian tourists who visit Thailand for short time periods and only carry small bags with them. For those who plan to visit Thailand for longer periods of time, taxis are still the main choice of local transportation.

Asia travel will be boosted by the increase in Chinese tourists visiting the countries of East and South East Asia. While things may get a little more crowded, the increase in cash flow into the region will help bolster the quantity and quality of services available to all tourists visiting these destinations.

Driving in China - Need to know


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Fuel Prices in China

  • Price of petrol in China in January

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  • Price of diesel in China in January

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Cost to fill a rental car in China in January

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Full Size €   ($ ) | €   ($ )
SUV €   ($ ) | €   ($ )
Carrier €   ($ ) | €   ($ )

Police Car in China

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China is a huge country and with countless attractions. Touring the attractions needs a combination of internal flights as well as a hire car and will require careful planning if you are to make best use of your time. China is currently undergoing a massive expansion of industry, commerce and in its cities and you’ll be amazed at the works going on to modernise the country. The people are friendly and generally proud of the achievements of the republic although a large proportion of the population are still poor. The country has many different climatic zones and a varied geography, so, depending on where you’re visiting, you may need winter clothing or just shorts and a t-shirt!

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