December 2018
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Vegan Car Hire – Is Car Rental Vegan Friendly?

It’s not something that many of us consider, however for vegans hiring a car isn’t as simple as finding the best deal and picking which rental car suits our needs. Veganism is booming with more and more people from all walks of life opting for a life that does not eat or use animal based products.

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Car Rental Lost and Found - Most Common Items Left

If you’ve left something in a rental car whilst rushing to catch your flight, and trust us you are not alone, then we’ll do our best to re-unite you with whatever you might have left in the rental car. Ideally, you’ll want to contact the rental agent before you’ve left the country (city or airport) to see if they can find your lost property, but if you’re already cruising at 35,000 feet before you realise you’ll need to get in touch with us when you get home.

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