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Rent a Ford Mustang in Orlando

Nothing says American road trip more than Route 66 and a Ford Mustang. If you’re visiting the USA and renting car, why settle for less when for just a few dollars per day more, you can settle into the leather seat of one of the USA’s most iconic cars. Hiring a mustang in Orlando is a great option for couples and families as our convertible Mustang rentals available from Orlando Airport can accommodate 4, plus luggage (although we recommend you pack light, as luggage capacity is limited to 2 cases in the boot (trunk for those already stateside). However, it’s fair to say that you’ll be the envy of the rental car lot as others around you pick up the keys to their mundane sedans and SUV’s, you can drop the roof and enjoy the wonderful V8 under the bonnet (hood) as you leave the rest behind.

Mustang hire Orlando

Mustang Rental Orlando Airport MCO

The most popular location to collect your Orlando Mustang rental is from Orlando International Airport (MCO), however we can also arrange it from the following locations;
  • Orlando Sanford Airport (SFB)
  • Orlando - North Rosalind Avenue - 306, North Rosalind Avenue, Downtown Orlando, Orlando, USA, 32801
  • Orlando - South Orange Avenue - 139, South Orange Avenue, Orlando, USA, 32801

V8 Mustang Rental Las Vegas

Orlando offers so much more than Disneyland and you can enjoy so much more than the theme parks, whilst your Mustang rental will be more than adequate to get you between the parks in style, we encourage you to make the most of the V8 and cheap fuel and stretch it’s legs a little. Why not take a drop to Daytona Beach, follow interstate 4 north from Orlando and take in the world famous Daytona International Speedway, where thunderous V8’s have been lapping since NASCAR began. Park up and take a stroll along the miles of beach taking in the lobster shack on the pier.

Head West and Clearwater and St Petersburg are just a few hours drive, whilst a longer south east trip through Florida, but not one to be discounted, will bring you to Miami, where your rental Mustang will be appreciated to the full!

What about fuel consumption.

There’s no hiding the fact that a 5.0 Litre V8 will consume more fuel than the average car, however you shouldn’t let that put you off. The cost of fuel in the US is significantly cheaper than the UK and you’ll likely fill the tank for around $30 and that should see you good for 300+ miles. Consider also, that whilst you can rent a more efficient car in Orlando, even the more mundane sedans are often bestowed with bigger engines that you might expect and unlikely to see fuel economy figures experienced in the UK and continental Europe.

You can see the local fuel stations in Orlando here;


Can you guarantee a Mustang in Orlando?

The simple answer is no, but if you don't get a Mustang in Orlando we'll refund 10% on your return - see Mustang guarantee terms here.
convertible mustang rental

Will our Mustang be a convertible?

Yes it will, all of our rental Mustangs in Orlando are convertible models with automatic transmission so you can enjoy the engine note to the full with the roof down.