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Orlando Airport MPV Rental

Discovering the magic of Orlando, with its theme parks and vibrant attractions, calls for a vehicle that offers both space and convenience. When you choose to hire an MPV in Orlando with Rhinocarhire, you're opting for a travel solution that seamlessly caters to families and larger groups. Our range of MPVs ensures that every passenger travels in comfort, with ample room for luggage and those essential souvenirs. Whether you're heading to Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios, or exploring the downtown area, Rhinocarhire's MPVs provide the reliability and space you need. Make the most of your Orlando adventure by ensuring everyone rides together in style and comfort.

Orlando International Airport is a hub for international and domestic flights into Florida and the principle airport for the Disneyworld resorts and other theme parks the area has to offer. Large family groups often make the Disneyworld trip together and so hiring a MPV or minivan can be a great way to get around and often works out significantly cheaper than multiple rentals. Our MPV's for rent in Orlando can comfortably seat 6,7 and even 8 adults and unlike their European counterparts where the rear seats often account for the luggage space, with an MPV rental in Orlando, you're still guaranteed a generous luggage capacity for all the family.


mpv rental orlando

7 Seat Rental Orlando

Our most popular models include the Kia Sedona and Nissan Quest, both large vehicles capable of carrying 7 adults in comfort and powered by generous 3.0 V6 petrol engines, making good progress is no chore for these models. Fully automatic gearboxes take the stress away from driving allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand. If an MPV isn't for you, many of our SUV's to rent in Orlando have additional fold up rear seats to take capacity up to 7, however luggage space is often affected here, the Ford Edge being an example.

MPV Rental Orlando

There are many benefits to MPV hire in Orlando rather than 2 smaller vehicles. For starters, what better way to enjoy your group / family holiday than to travel together in the same vehicle, from making your way to the theme park in the morning and planning your day together to reliving the best bits on your way home. Talking of theme parks, travelling together will save you the $20 per day to park that an extra car would cost. Over a 14 day break, that's a whopping $280 saving just by all sharing a single MPV. Not to mention fuel and toll savings. Of course, there are some downsides, come the end of a 14 day holiday in Orlando, you might just want, or need, a little space from each other, but you can look forward to a quiet night flight home for that!

Fuel Policies for MPV Rental in Orlando

Fuel is relatively cheap in the USA, so the large engine capacity shouldn't concern you too much, expect around 20mpg with a fully loaded MPV and you can expect anything between 3-400 miles per tank. Look out for our 'FREE FUEL' offer when searching as many of our rental agents offer a free tank of fuel in the price, you'll pay a little more but likely less than the cost to fill the tank yourself. Otherwise, simply return the MPV with a full tank of fuel to avoid any refueling charges. See map below showing gas stations in MPV so you can plan ahead.

mpv rental

Do you offer 9 seat rentals in Orlando?

Unfortunately we do not offer 9+ seat capacity MPV's to rent in Orlando. Previously the Ford Clubwagon was a regular vehicle on rental agents fleets, however these are no longer available from our rental agents.

If you have a party of 9 or more, you could consider a regular MPV rental and then a Mustang rental in Orlando for the extra passengers. Enjoy the woderful 5.0 V8 Mustang convertible as a treat to make the most of your american road trip.