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Rent a Ford Mustang in San Francisco

Looking to rent a Mustang in San Francisco? You've come to the right place as here at Rhino we work with the leading rental agents to offer Mustang rentals at the best possible prices online. Why settle for less when you can rent this iconic americal muscle car for little extra over a regular car. Renting a mustang in San Francisco has become increasinlgy popular as rental agents have bolstered their fleets and dropped their prices to meet demand and competition in the market place. With daily rates from $30*, there's never been a better time to tune into that V8 soundtrack.

Mustang rental San Francisco

We offer Ford Mustangs to rent at the following locations in San Francisco
  •  340, O Farrell Street, San Francisco, USA, 94102
  • 325, Mason Street, San Francisco, USA, 94102
  •  840, Ellis Street, San Francisco, USA, 94109
  •  1398, Bryant Street, San Francisco, USA, 94103
  • San Francisco Airport (SFO) - San Francisco, CA 94128, USA

V8 Mustang Rental San Francisco and the Big Sur

Nothing quite says american road trip like the Big Sur and Mustang, so if you're planning your once in a lifetime west coast road trip, San Francisco makes a great place to start (or finish) your journey. Whether collecting your rental Mustang from the airport or downtown, take highway 101 south and swing west at Valero to pick up highway 1 and the Big Sur. Follow the coast road for as far or long as your day takes you enjoy the soundtrack of that V8 and the sights and sounds of the ocean.

What About Fuel Economy?

You'd be surprised at what fuel economy you can expect from a 5.0ltr V8, however anything around 20mpg is achievable depending on your driving style. With a 60 litre (14 gallon) fuel tank, you can expect anything from 250-300 miles from a full tank at a cost of around $40 at todays prices. That's a lot of bang for your buck! Here is a quick map showing the fuel station in and around downtown San Francisco, it's always wise to plan ahead particularly if you need to return the car with a full tank of fuel to avoid any refuelling charges.

Can you Guarantee a Mustang?

As with all of our rentals (and all car rental in general), we cannot say 100% that you'll get a Mustang. They say only 2 things in life are guaranteed, paying taxes and death and whilst we are VERY confident that if you book a Ford Mustang in San Francisco then that is precisely what you'll receive when you collect. If not however, you'll be offered a replacement vehicle of similar or higher specification. We've yet to have an issue with a customer not receiving a Mustang and have arranged thousands of Mustang rentals in San Francisco!

Can you guarantee a Mustang in San Francisco?

The simple answer is no, but if you don't get a Mustang in San Francisco we'll refund 10% on your return - see Mustang guarantee terms here.
convertible mustang rental
Whether you are heading south to Los Angeles on the 'Big Sur' or heading east towards Nevada for an assault on the senses in Las Vegas, renting a Mustang in San Francisco is a great place to start.

Drop the hood, fire up the V8 and enjoy the aural pleasure from the V8 and the wind in your hair. With over 300bhp at your disposal through the automatic gearbox, 60mph is dispatched under 5 seconds (where legal to do so) and 155mph of pure driving pleasure is on offer (although that wouldn't be legal on any public highway). The only other thing you really need to consider is the colour when you collect the car.