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The iconic Ford Mustang is the American Muscle car of choice and demand to rent a Mustang in the USA has hit unprecedented levels over the last few years. The Mustang has gained an international following, in part thanks to its leading role in Hollywood blockbusters such as Bullitt, Gone in 60 Seconds and Getaway, however as it was never officially exported outside of the USA, the rest of the world had to make do with imported vehicles and for the UK market that meant only left hand drive models were available. However in 2015 when Ford released the 6th generation Mustang to the world, official exports were confirmed and it was soon to be found in Ford dealers all over the world. The motoring press welcomed the news with open arms and the car was very well received and has enjoyed successful sales all over the world. With this increased exposure, naturally brings increased demand to rent a Mustang in the USA and thankfully we've worked hard with our suppliers to ensure that supply can meet demand. It's also great to know that with increased competition in the market, prices to hire a Mustang in the USA are the lowest they have ever been and you can rent a Mustang in the USA from as little as $30 per day.

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Mustang Rental Specification - Convertible or Coupe, V8 or Ecoboost?

We're often asked if our rental Mustangs in the USA are V8 or Ecoboost models, coupe or convertibles? We're pleased to report that the vast majority of our Mustangs to rent in the USA are convertible V8's, arguably the best specification. In terms of colour, the most popular colours are black, red, white and blue and you might see the odd yellow Mustang to rent in the USA. Whilst we can't reserve a specific colour, if you do have a preference, we recommend you request this at the rental desk when you collect the keys.
Engine Size / Config
5.0ltr V8
Body Type
Min Age

One Way Mustang Rental USA?

If you are planning a road trip in a rental Mustang in the USA, it's likely that you'll consider picking up from one location and return elsewhere. Thankfully that's not a problem here at Rhino and is a common request. Some of our rental agents will add a fee for this but most will include it in the overall rental fee, either way, you can see this when you run a quote. So whether you are starting in San Francisco and finishing in Las Vegas, or Getting under way in Orlando and dropping off in Miami we can arrange that no problem. Our most popular one way Mustang rentals in the USA are;
  • Mustang rental San Francisco to Los Angeles
  • Mustang rental San Francisco to Las Vegas
  • Mustang rental Los Angeles to San Francisco
  • Mustang rental Los Angeles to Las Vegas
  • Mustang rental Las Vegas to Los Angeles
  • Mustang rental Las Vegas to San Francisco
  • Mustang rental Miami to Orlando
  • Mustang rental Miami to Tampa
  • Mustang rental Orlando to Miami
  • Mustang rental Orlando to Miami

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USA Road Trips in a Rental Mustang

If you're planning on renting a Mustang in the USA, then it's likely that you're also planning a road trip, as there is no better way of taking in any of the great american road trips than from the seat of a Mustang. We've put together our top 5 road trips and suggested starting locations;
Road Trip
Start Point
California State Route 1
San Francisco
Route 66
Highway 61
New Orleans
FLorida Keys
US Route 20

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