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Dreaming on Renting a Mustang in Chicago?

Hiring a Mustang in Chicago could have seemed a dream to many visitors to the USA just a few years ago, however with the car rental market showing no signs of slowing down, in fact, demand is stronger than ever as both tourist and domestic rental demand has grown. With that surge in demand has come increased rental fleets and competition to the market which has pushed prices down and makes renting a Mustang in Chicago better value than ever. Ford has helped the situation also with the release of the current model which has proved a great commercial success and for the first time is available to international markets (primarily the EU market) as an official import, the desire to hire a Mustang in Chicago has never been stronger.

Mustang rental Chicago

Chicago Airport Mustang Rental - V8 or EcoBoost?

Purists would argue that the EcoBoost isn’t really a true Mustang and that you can only really experience a real Mustang in the guise V8. However we live in an environmentally conscious world and whilst technology and innovation and technology has allowed Ford to eek out up to 30mpg from the 5 litre V8, a figure unheard of 10 years ago with such engine capacity, the appeal of everything a rental Mustang offers packaged with a far more environmentally friendly engine makes for a compelling argument. The 2.3 Ecoboost is no slouch either, don’t think that Ford popped a small, low performance engine in their flagship model. The 2.3 Ecoboost boasts excellent power output from such a small unit and is the same engine that has propelled the Focus RS to the top of the leader board in it’s class. Over 300hp is available making for a 0-60 and top speed very close to that of the V8.

Choice of Mustang rentals in Chicago

As a rental broker, not only do we offer cheaper rates than you would otherwise achieve from the rental agents directly, we also open up a much range of Mustang rentals in Chicago and package up special offers including;
  • Free GPS
  • Free Additional Drivers
  • Free Tank of Fuel
Look out of our special offers and pick and choose the option that best suits your needs, it’s often significantly cheaper to pre-order your extras in a package, then pay for them individually.

Rent a Mustang Anywhere in Chicago

Of course, we are also able to arrange your Chicago Mustang rental from any of our outlets, you are not just restricted to one or 2 pick up points. So whether you are hiring a Mustang from Chicago airport (our most popular pick up location), or any of the following downtown locations, you won’t find a better choice of Mustang’s to rent in Chicago, at a better price anywhere else.
  • Chicago O`Hare Airport
  • Chicago Midway Airport
  • Chicago - North Clark Street - 214 North Clark Street, North Loop Downtown, Chicago, IL, USA, 60601
  • Chicago - North Broadway Street - 3721 North Broadway Street, Lakeview, Chicago, IL, USA, 60613
  • Chicago - West Fullerton Avenue - 3255 West Fullerton Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA, 60647
  • Chicago - South Canal Street - 225, South Canal Street, Chicago, IL, USA, 60606
  • Chicago - West Washington Street - 181, West Washington Street, Chicago, IL, USA, 60602
  • Chicago - North Michigan Avenue - 909, North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA, 60610

Can you guarantee a Mustang in Chicago?

The simple answer is no, but if you don't get a Mustang in Chicago we'll refund 10% on your return - see Mustang guarantee terms here.
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