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Hire a Mustang in Boston Today

With the release of the most recent Ford Mustang into the domestic European Market, it’s no surprise that we have seen a dramatic increase in demand for Mustang hire in Boston and indeed across the USA. The much publicised 2018 Ford Mustang has proved to be the biggest success in the non US market and Ford has very successfully developed and marketed the car for the international stage. With this publicity and awareness comes desire and whilst many outside of the UK are unlikely to ever own a Mustang, desirability has been cranked up a notch or 2 and so the idea of Mustang hire in Boston more appealing than ever. Our Boston Mustang rental suppliers have also increased their fleets to meet this demand. Whereas it was considered a speciality vehicle just a few years ago, it’s almost become a mainstream product now and due to our ultra competitive prices on Mustang hire in Boston, it’ll cost a lot less than you might thing. It’s also far more likely that you’ll receive a Mustang and not an ‘or similar’ make / model as was often the case in the past, as if the few Mustangs on the rental fleet were already booked, you may have received an alternative car, however now that demand is so strong, the volume of Mustang’s available to us is significantly higher than it was before and you’re much less likely to end up without a Mustang.

Mustang rental Boston

Convertible Mustang Hire in Boston?

No problem, in fact, all of our Mustang rentals in Boston are convertibles and V8’s to boot. Let’s be honest, if you’re renting a Mustang in Boston you want the full experience and whilst we applaud Ford for developing the Ecoboost engine to meet their emissions targets and broaden the reach of the product (useful for those looking to own a Mustang perhaps), chances are, if you are just renting a Mustang in Boston, you’ll want the full 5.0L V8 version.

Boston Airport Mustang Rental (BOS)

All of our Mustang rental suppliers are conveniently located at the airport for your arrival, however if you are not arriving into Boston Logan International Airport and want to pick up a Mustang from Downtown, we can arrange that from various downtown locations.

Road Trips is a Boston Mustang Rental

Of course, merely driving from A-B in a Mustang is an event, however the real joy to is to be had on a road trip and nothing says Boston road trip more than a Ford Mustang. We’ve picked our favourite 4 road trips from Boston, that are all the better in a Mustang;
  • Plymouth, Massachusetts – Approx 50 miles, <1hr drive
  • Visit the site of where pilgrims first landed in the USA over 400 years ago, Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower II not to be missed.
  • Providence, Rhode Island – Approx 50 miles – 1hr drive
  • Often referred to as ‘little Italy’ jump in a Gondola and take a ride along Providence River.
  • Kennebunkport, Maine – Approx 90 Miles – 2hr drive
  • An art lovers dream, this quintessential New England town is well worth the journey north to Maine.
  • Jersey Shore – New Jersey – 250 Miles – 5hr drive
  • One for a proper trip as it’s not a day trip, pick any of the towns to stop by and enjoy some of New Jerseys best beaches.


Can you guarantee a Mustang in Boston?

The simple answer is no, but if you don't get a Mustang in Boston we'll refund 10% on your return - see Mustang guarantee terms here.
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