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Car Hire with Ski Rack – Hiring a car for a skiing holiday?

It’s that time of year when you’re getting ready to go on your ski holiday. The slopes are calling, the snow is in full flow and all you need now is a hire car to complete the trip. But with all that luggage, including skis, what type of car will suit you best? And is it possible to hire a car with ski racks included? We’ve got all the answers to these questions and more below.

The Car:
Consider the size of car you will need. At Rhino we have a range of options from small economy cars, to a spacious 7-seater. You’ll need to think about the size of your travelling party in addition to how much luggage you will be travelling with. A skiing holiday often brings with it more than the usual amount of luggage and this can mean that you’ll need a larger car. In addition to luggage you may be taking with you your own skis. A small – medium size car is likely to carry 2 sets of skis, whereas our larger cars could carry up to 4 sets of skis.

The Optional Extras:
In order to make car hire for your skiing holiday as convenient as possible we are able to provide a selection of optional extras. These include:
  • Ski Rack – Transport your skis on top of the car, leaving room for bags and passengers inside the car.
  • Snow Chains – Add snow chains to your winter holiday booking for peace of mind and maximum traction when driving through snow or ice.
  • Winterisation fee – At this time of year most of our vehicles include the special offer of a winterisation fee. This means you will have snow tyres included on your hire car, a legal requirement in many countries during the winter months.
The Possibilities:

SMALL CAR: Suzuki Swift – 5 seats – 1 large and 1 small bag - suitable for couples + luggage
Possible to add 1 ski rack for CHF 54.63 a day
MEDIUM CAR: Volkswagen Golf – 5 seats – 2 large bags - suitable for up to 3 passengers + luggage
Possible to add 1 ski rack for CHF 54.63 a day

* RECOMMENDED OPTION: An estate car – 5 seats – 3 large bags - suitable for groups / families + luggage
Possible to add 1 ski rack for CHF 54.63 a day
(Prices correct at time of quoting. Pick up from Geneva airport)

If you do not wish to hire a ski rack, you could opt to hire a smaller car with the option of transporting the skis within the car. You'll need to be able to fold the rear seats flat for the skis to fit. We suggest taking extra care when loading / unloading the skis as any damage caused to the inside of the car is likely to be charged. We'd also suggest ensuring the skis are as clean and dry as possible before loading as valeting costs can also be charged to the customer if the interior is not maintained to a reasonable standard.car hire ski rack

Please note that the additional extras such as a Ski rack or snow chains are payable on collection of the car, but will be reserved and noted at the time of booking.

The destinations:
Rhino  have pick-up points across all of the major skiing resorts and neighbouring towns and cities. Our car hire locations include: We’ll search a range of car hire companies to provide you with the best deal on the market for your chosen ski resort. We’ll also include details of those all important optional extras to make the drive to your skiing destination this year enjoyable and convenient.

Kellie Hodge
Posted: March 16, 2017 by Kellie Hodge
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