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Can I extend my rental car period?

We’re often asked if it’s possible to extend a car rental, the simple answer is yes, however there are some points to consider first that may affect the ability to do this and costs involved. We recommend that you contact us as soon as you know of your plans to extend your car rental as this gives us the best opportunity to achieve the best price.

extend car rental

The last thing you want to do is arrive at the rental agent at the prescribed date and time on your rental agreement and ask if you can keep the car for a few more days. The rental agent will no doubt agree, however you’ll likely pay a significantly higher daily rate than the initial rental. Like with your initial booking, it’s far better to book or extend your rental as far in advance as possible and to arrange it with Rhino and NOT the rental agent direct. We need as little as 2 hours notice to book or extend a rental car and that phone call, email or facebook message could save you as much as 50% of the cost of the rental if booking direct.

When Can I Extend my Car Rental?

You can do this at any time during your rental, although once the rental has started, technically that is a fixed term rental which cannot be amended. That said, we are often able to negotiate with the rental agents for you to keep the same car and return at the agreed extended date. You’ll need to pay for a new rental, however by running concurrent rentals, so long as we obtain approval from the rental agent, you can often keep the same car and not need to return to the rental agent.

Why Can’t I Extend my Car Rental?

There are limited reasons why you may not be able to extend your rental car, however the most common would be that your rental car is booked out for another customer, or the rental agent may be closed at the time you wish to extend to, perhaps on a Sunday or during the night if an off airport location. That doesn’t mean that we can’t book an additional rental car for the period you want to extend for, however you may need to return the car as your current agreement and pick up another car, perhaps from another rental agent who may have availability / opening hours to suit.
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Posted: February 05, 2024 by Kellie Hodge
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