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Weird and Strange Driving Laws

Last updated: Thursday, October 31, 2019
We’ve all come across some strange rules and regulations whilst driving, whether we find speed limits in different countries odd, or can’t understand why the drink drive limit around the world varies so much, driving in a different country can bewilder at time. However, there are some really weird driving laws out there that will really blow your mind. Many derive from old law that have never been updated and some are a result of more recent events, but we’ve compiled what we think are the strangest road and driving laws from all corners of the globe for your amusement.

Did you know, it’s illegal to slam a car door in Switzerland or that it’s perfectly acceptable to drink alcohol whilst driving in Costa Rica provided you don’t actually get drunk! One of our favourites, riding a camel on the highway in Nevada is outlawed and will result in your camel being seized! Now that we’d love to see…

Can you spot the red herrings among this little lot? Whilst most of these are genuine weird driving laws from around the world, we’ve had a little fun and snuck a spoof or 2 in here, but they may not be the ones you expect! If you know of any weird and wacky driving laws that we’ve not covered, why not let us know @rhinocarhire using #weirdroadlaws or comment below and we’ll add them in.

JAPAN: Illegal to Splash Pedestrians

It’s illegal to splash a pedestrian in Japan. Intentional or not, if you splash a pedestrian by driving through a puddle you could wind up in trouble.

It's illegal to splash a pedestrian in Japan

THAILAND: Illegal to Drive Topless

It’s illegal to drive topless in Thailand. If caught driving without a top on in Thailand you’ll likely receive an on the spot fine.

It's illegal to drive topless in Thailand

CALIFORNIA: Illegal to Jump from a Car at 65 mph

It’s illegal to jump from a car at 65 mph in California. Not only is it illegal, it’s highly dangerous and best reserved for Hollywood stunts.

It's illegal to jump from a car at 65 mph in California

CALIFORNIA: Illegal to Park in Front of Dunkin’ Donuts

It’s illegal to park in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant. Rumour has it to ensure the space outside is reserved for a police patrol car.

Parking in front of Dunkin Donuts illegal in California

MILFORD, MASS: Illegal to Peep through Car Windows

In Milford, Massachusetts it’s against the law to peep into car windows, the law was introduced to cut down on smash and grab car crime.

Milford, Mass, it's against the law to peep into car

UNITED KINGDOM: Illegal to Urinate in the Street unless Touching Rear of Car

It’s illegal to urinate in the street in the UK, although an old law remains whereby if you are behind your car and touching the car with your hand, that’s just fine – although we’d still recommend you hold it until you find a toilet.

Illegal to urinate in street in the UK

CYPRUS: Illegal to Eat or Drink Whilst Driving

Get caught eating or drinking whilst driving in Cyprus and you’ll be flaunting with the law, keep those road trip munchies stowed away or pull over if you just can’t resist.

Eating or Drinkning in Cyprus when driving illegal

MOSCOW: Illegal to Drive a Dirty Car

Fail to keep your car in a presentable condition in Moscow and you’ll find yourself with an on the spot fine. It’s not only your registration plates you need to keep clean either. A dirty car warrants a fine in Russia.

Dirty car in moscow is illegal

FRANCE: Legal Requirement to Carry a Breathalyser in the Car

It’s a legal requirement to carry a breathalyser in the car in France. The law introduced in July 2012 aims to reduce drink driving by enabling drivers to check they are safe to drive.

Legal requirement to carry a breathalyser in the car in France

DENMARK: You Must Check Under the Car for Children Hiding

An old law that still stands, requires drivers in Denmark to check beneath their car before setting off to ensure there are no children hiding under there.

Denmark drivers to check beneath their car before setting off to ensure there are no children hiding under there

SWIZERLAND: Illegal to Wash your Car on a Sunday

It’s illegal to wash your car on a Sunday in Switzerland. If only all household chores were also banned on Sunday’s it really would be the day of rest.

It’s illegal to wash your car on a Sunday in Switzerland

PHILLIPPINES: Illegal to Drive on Monday if Plate ends with 1 or 2

In Manilla, the capital of the Philippines, cars with registrations ending 1 of 2 are not permitted on the roads on Mondays. Drastic measures to tackle a growing congestion problem.

In Manilla, the capital of the Philippines, cars with registrations ending 1 of 2 are not permitted on the roads on Mondays

SOUTH AFRICA: Illegal to Not Stop for Animals and Livestock Crossing the Road

Fail to stop to allow wild animals to cross the roads and you could on the receiving end of a hefty fine. If the fine is not deterrent enough, the thought of stampeding elephants of rhino should do the trick.

Illegal to not stop for passing animals in South Africa

AUSTRALIA: Illegal to Transport Hay in Boot of a Car

It’s illegal to transport hay bales in the boot of your car. An old agricultural law that has stood the test of time. Loading a taxi with hay however is just fine, assuming the driver is ok with it.

No hay in boot of car in Australia as it's illegal

JASPER GATES, CANADA: Illegal to Travel Faster than Horse & Carriage

Jasper Gates, Canada prohibits cars travelling faster than a horse and cart. The horse and cart really do rule the roads here!

Illegal for car to travel faster then horse or carriage in Canada - Jasper Gates

BOTSWANA: Illegal to Transport Animals by Motorbike if Obstructing View

In Botswana, it’s fine to transports animals by motorbike, so long as they don’t obstruct the drivers view. One of many hazards carry a dog on a motorbike might present, not to mention an on the spot fine.

No animals on front of motorbike is obstruct view in Botswana

COSTA RICA: Legal to Drink Alcohol and Drive But Not Exceed Limit

Costa Rica has a drink drive limit of 0.05% BAC, however it’s not actually illegal to drink alcohol whilst driving so long as you do not exceed this limit. A cheeky beer behind the wheel it is then.

Costa Rica not illegal to drink alcohol when driving

SWEDEN: Illegal to Not Have Headlights on 24 Hours a Day

Headlights are required to be switched on 24 hours a day in Sweden. Daytime running lights have long been a standard feature of Sweden’s best known export, Volvo cars and it has become standard on virtually all new cars now.

Headlights must be on 24hr in Sweden

MECCA, SAUDI ARABIA: Motorway Lanes for Muslim and Non Muslim Drivers

Heading to Mecca in Saudi Arabia? Make sure you’re in the right lane as the highways in and out have dedicated lanes for Muslims and non Muslims.

Saudi Arabia driving to Mecca, one way for muslims and another way for non-muslims

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Illegal to Polish Car with Used Underwear

We’re not sure why you’d want to, but polishing ones car with your underwear in San Francisco is against the law. If you are bra-zen enough to do it, it might not only cause ‘brief’ embarrassment but lead to a fine.

It's illegal to buff you car in California if using used underwear

CALIFORNIA, USA: Illegal for Women to Drive in Dressing Gown

Californian’s are forbidden from driving in their dressing gowns, specifically women. So before you hope in the car in your bed clothes to get some milk in the morning, heed our warning.

No wearing a dressing gown while driving in California for women

ONTARIO, CANADA: Not Allowed to get in a Cab with Bad Breath

Whether illegal or not, hailing a cab and getting in with bad breath is not only poor manners but prohibited in Ontario, Canada.

Getting into cab in Canada with bad breath is illegal

ALASKA, USA: Illegal to Strap Dog to Roof

Travelling with pets in the car can represent challenges, however in Alaska the authorities have felt the need to ban strapping dogs to the roof of your car, presumably this was an issue?

Illegal to tie a dog to the roof of a car in Alaska

FLORIDA, USA: Elephants Must Pay to Park at Meter

An old law that still stands today, should you happen to be travelling by elephant and need to ‘park up’ you’ll still need to pay at the meter. Where else by Florida!

Elephants must pay parking if tied to a metere in Florida

MASSACHUSETTS, USA: Illegal for a Gorilla to Ride in the Back of a Car

If you just happen to have a gorilla in the car in Massachusetts, make sure he rides in the front as it’s illegal for one to sit in the back!

No gorillas in back of car in Massachusetts

NEVADA, USA: Illegal to Ride a Camel on Highway

Riding a camel on public highways is outlawed in Nevada. If you happen to get caught by the police you can expect an on the spot fine and maybe have your camel seized.

Camels are not allowed on the highway in Nevada

MINNESOTA, USA: Illegal to Cross State Lines with Duck on Head

If you need to transport a duck across state lines in Minnesota, make sure you don’t carry on your head as that’s illegal – we can think of better ways to carry a duck anyway.

No crossing the road in Minnesota with a duck on your head

KENTUCKY, USA: Illegal to Allow Pets to Molest a Car

In Kentucky, you’ll find one of the strangest laws anywhere in the USA. Allowing domestic pets to molest a vehicle is (quite rightly) outlawed.

Pets are not allowed to molest a car in Kentuck, USA

SWIZERLAND: Illegal to Slam Car Door

Slamming a car door is against the law in Switzerland. The country of serenity of calm want to keep it that way so no disturbing the peace by slamming doors thank you very much.

Slamming a car door in Switzerland is illegal

SPAIN: You Must Carry Spare Pair of Glasses

If you wear glasses to drive in Spain, make sure you have a spare pair in the car as if you’re asked to present them by the police and you fail to do so, it’ll be an on the spot fine for you.

In Spain you must carry a spare pair of glasses if you need to wear glasses.

GERMANY: Driving Naked is Legal

Driving naked in Germany is entirely up to you, under German law a car is considered your personal space and so you’re free to do as you please – provided you don’t distract other road users.

In Germany it's legal to drive in the nude

GERMANY: Illegal to Drive Bare Feet or Wearing Flip Flops

However, get caught driving in flip flops or with bare feet in Germany and you’ll find yourself in trouble. It’s considered dangerous, perhaps the driving naked rule needs addressing.

Driving barefoot in Germany is illegal

OKLAHOMA,USA: Illegal to Read Comic Books and Drive

Oklahoma has banned the reading of comic books whilst driving. Reading a novel is seemingly ok, but comic books a big no no. Ker-pow!

It's illegal to read a comic while driving in Oklahoma, USA

MICHIGAN, USA: Illegal to Sit and Read Newspapers in Middle of Road

It’s illegal to sit in the middle of the road to read the newspaper in Michigan, although the law is the least of your worries in this instance, avoiding getting run over should be your main concern.

It's illegal to sit inhe road reading a newspaper in Michigan, USA

ALABAMA, USA: Illegal to Drive Blindfolded

In Alabama it’s illegal to drive whilst blindfolded. Seems logical enough but does beg the question, were people really doing this to warrant legislating against it!

You cannot drive a car wearing blindfolds in Alabama, USA

DENVER, USA: Illegal to Drive Black Car or Sunday

Drive a black car in Denver? Best to take a cab on Sunday’s as black cars are banned from the roads on Sunday. Why you ask, it’s a very good question and we’ve no idea!

In Denver, USA, you cannot drive a black car on a Sunday

TENNESSEE, USA: Illegal to Shoot Animals from Car Expect Whales

It’s illegal to hunt and shoot animals from within a vehicle in Tennessee, that is however unless it’s a whale, where perversely that’s not a problem – if you can find one.

In Tennessee it's illegal to shoot a gun from a car unless it’s a whale
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