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Can I take a rental car out of State?

If you’re renting a car in the USA, it’s quite likely that you’ll want to see as much of what the country has to offer. It’s a vast country so whilst an east to west coast (or visa versa) road trip might be a bridge too far, there are plenty of east coast and west coast ready made road trips in waiting. Some of these involve crossing from one state to the next and we’re often asked if it’s ok to take a rental car out of state? The simple answer is yes, we’ve yet to come across a case where a rental agent has restricted out of state travel.

can i take a rental car out of state

Unlike taking a rental car to Mexico which is very restricted or even prohibited by some agents, taking a rental car out of state is more like taking a rental car to Canada which is widely accepted. Our only advice is that you confirm your intentions with the rental agent when you pick up the car just to ensure there is no extra documentation required to take the rental car out of state. You’ll also want to check US speed limits by state as these can vary from as little as 55mph in Washington D.C to 85mph in Texas, although it’s unlikely you’ll cross between them. Popular state borders like California to Nevada see speed limits vary from 70 to 75mph so just watch your speed and know the limits as patrols are common around state border crossings and speeding tickets are readily dished. Read more on getting a speeding fine in a rental car here and what to do.

Can I take a rental from California to Nevada?

Arguably the most frequent question we are asked regarding taking a rental car out of state and one that is certainly permitted. Los Angeles and San Francisco are among our most popular pick up locations for car rentals in the USA and many visitors can’t resist the lure of the Sin City. We arrange hundreds of Mustang rentals in California that are destined for Nevada and to cruise the strip!

welcome to california

Rental Car from San Francisco to Las Vegas

Whilst doable in a single day, it’s a long trip at a little under 600 miles depending on what route you take, however one thing is for sure, you’ll leave California and take the rental car into Nevada. The most direct route is southbound on Interstate 5 towards Los Angeles then head east, or you can head east straight out of San Francisco and take the scenic route via Yosemite National Park but it’s a much longer drive despite being marginally shorter.

Rental Car from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

Another very popular route and ‘just’ 4 hours on a good day. The 270 mile trip will see you cross the border from California to Nevada at Primm, where the first casino is just a few hundred years over the state border. If you can wait, stay on Interstate 15 for another 30 miles or so and you’ll be on the strip!

Are there border crossings?

No, you won’t find any hard border crossings or patrols, rather just state border signs welcoming you to your next state / destination.

welcome to nevada

Can I return a rental car to another state?

Again, this is rarely a problem, however you are likely to incur a one way fee for doing so. Whilst it might be included in the overall rental fee (we’ll advise if it isn’t), returning a rental car to a different location in the US within the same state often carries no premium, if it’s returned to a different state you’re likely to incur the fee. For instance, picking up in LA and dropping off in Las Vegas is likely to cost around $100 one-way fee.

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