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Speeding fine in a rental car - what to do?

Will I get a speeding fine in a hire car?

Unfortunately it’s quite possible that you may get a speeding fine whilst driving in your hire car; this could be in the UK or abroad. You are liable to a get a speeding ticket or fine if you break any of the recommended speed limits. The most common way of being caught speeding is by a speed camera, with countries around the world having a large number of both fixed and mobile cameras. It is clearly important to do your research before hiring a car and understand what the speed limits are for the different types of road. For more detailed information on this visit our Drive Smart Blog and select your country of travel.

speeding fine a rental car

What do I do if you get a speeding fine in a hire car?

If you are caught by a speed camera you will likely see a flash. The speeding fine will then be sent to your rental agent who will take the fine from your card details. It is possible there will also be an admin fee assigned to processing the fine. Your rental agent will be able to advise you of any terms and conditions relating to this at the time of booking.

Will I get points on my licence for a speeding fine abroad?

At present speeding fines collected abroad will not be tranferred to your domestic licence in the form of penalty points.

What is an on the spot fine?

In many countries it is common practice to be pulled over by the police whilst driving. If a police officer has pulled you over for exceeding the speed limit then they may issue you with an on the spot fine. The general advice is to request paper work, which should advise you on how and where to pay your fine.

How much are speeding fines in France?

An Example table showing the fines for breaking the speed limit in France
Type of road:
Amount OVER the speed limit:
Built up area
1kph – 39kph 
€ 90
Other roads including auto-routes
1kph – 19kph
€ 45
Other roads including auto-routes
€ 90
Other roads including auto-routes
€ 135
Other roads including auto-routes
In excess of 50kph over speed limit
€750 (plus confiscated car)

Caught speeding in the UK? Read more about the new speeding fines in the UK here.
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Posted: January 25, 2017 by Chloe Demaret
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