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Staying Safe in Spain - Be Aware of Hazards in Spain!

There are few countries in the world where you are more likely to get hurt in unusual ways as Spain. We’re not talking tripping over pavements or getting knocked down by wayward motorists but instead a whole host of bizarre ways to get hurt step out on the unsuspecting tourist meaning that perhaps, travel insurance in Spain ought to carry a higher premium!

Running the Bulls in Pamplona
Pamplona OK, who in their right mind would agree to walk, then run, then flee for their lives as dozens of angry bulls are forced to stampede down streets that are closed to any escape? Well, the answer is plenty. The tradition stems from when bulls were rounded up for taking to bullfights or for breeding and they would be run from the countryside through the streets to the market or to the bull ring. As a sign of bravado, young men used to try to mount them and ride them through the streets. Nowadays they take it a step further and let the bulls chase them. This summer one man was gored through the leg and six others slightly injured!

The Tomato Festival at Bunol (La Tomatina)
La Tomatina The festival dates back to a street brawl in 1945 where tomatoes were hurled at the participants. The next year a commemorative hurl was held and, apart from the odd occasions when the festival was banned, presumably because of a bad harvest, it’s been held very August since. This year of the six thousand participants, 37 were treated for sprains from slipping and 154 needed treatment for tomato juice in their eyes!

The Bonfires of St John
Bonfires St John Held throughout many Spanish cities, this involves lighting of many fires throughout the country, possibly foolishly in June, on the feast of the saint. Several wildfires have begun from these, destroying many square kilometres of countryside but the greatest number of injuries occur to children who traditionally have to jump over the fires or through the flames. Where is the NSPCC when you need it!


The Wildlife
Salamander Spain has its fair share of nasties in the wildlife department including fire salamanders which squirt toxic liquid at any perceived threats and toads with poison glands on their backs which can induce heart failure. The most dangerous creature you’ll find though is the Asp, of Cleopatra fame. They are found, rather unexpectedly, in the Pyrenees and if you are bitten you have about forty minutes to get help so start running! You can also read more about spiders in Spain here.
So, when you start your packing for your annual break on the Costas, make sure the first aid kit is first in, followed by the travel insurance! Joking apart, a little caution and common sense will see you avoiding the pitfalls of what seems an exceedingly dangerous country. Take care and you’ll enjoy your holiday.
Chloe Demaret
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