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Snow Joke - Snow Art from Rhinocarhire.com

I was on a ski holiday last winter with a group of friends and could not resist the opportunity to play a bit of a practical joke with one of them.  Having fallen for the chalet host, Adam was in for a bit of a hard time on a 'lads only' ski holiday.  As you can imagine, the jokes were free flowing but the piesta resistance was saved for the slopes.

Whilst Adam was enjoying a warming bowl of goulash at lunch, 2 of us made a break for one of the main runs at the fantastic Val D'Isere resort and took our hands (or feet in this instance) to some snow art.  Just off the piste we managed to scribe into the snow in 20 feet high lettering Adams affection for the chalet host Louise.  Taking the ski lift past our piece of art, we took a few snaps and presented them to Adam back at the chalet, and of course to Louise at the dinner table that night.

Adam Loves Louise in 20 feet high lettering on the piste at Val D'Isere

If you have any snow art work that would like to share, please send it to us at info@rhinocarhire.com and we'll add to this blog.

Val D'Isere is one of Europe's leading ski resorts and within easy reach of the main ski resort serving airports.  The resort is easily accessible using Geneva Airport Car Hire, although ensure you book through the French side and travel on the French roads to get there.  Due to local road taxes, Switzerland Car Hire is more expensive than France.  You may not be permitted to drive on Swiss roads in a France rental car as you will not have the relevant tax disc.  Check with your car hire supplier before booking and plan your route to the resort beforehand.
Phil Partridge
Posted: November 25, 2010 by Phil Partridge 0 comments
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