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Best Police Cars - Who has the fastest police car?

Whilst the average police car is likely to be something rather mundane, spending much of its life trawling city streets it’s no surprise that police forces around the world keep the purse strings pretty tight, who wants to splash out on a posh police car just to pick up criminals all day long. You might see something more interesting like a 4x4 police car in rural areas, or even larger estate cars for highway police who spend much of their time at higher average speeds, however there are some exceptions to the hum drum and we’ve picked our favourite police cars from forces around the world below, or click here to see what all world police cars look like.

Best Police Cars

Make / Model
Power (bhp)
Top Speed (mph)
Cost (£)
Police Force
Lotus Evora S
Porsche Carrera 911
Bugatti Veyron
Mercedes Brabus Rocket
Lamborghini Huracan
Dodge Charger

Lotus Evora S Police Car - UK

lotus evora police car
Why we love it...

Lotus is known for making lightweight sports cars for the road and track and few of their models are considered ‘spacious’. However, their ability to cover ground quickly cannot be underestimated. If you need the police to attend an incident quickly, you’ll be grateful of the Evora S, or if you trying to evade capture on the road and you see one of these in your rear view mirror you’re unlikely to come out on top.

Porsche Carrera 911 - Austria

porsche 911 police car
Why we love it...

Arguably the best sports car ever made, demonstrated by its 55 years in production and counting. With over 1 million Carrera 911’s having been built, it’s no wonder that even the police in Austria have at least one in their fleet. Few cars would stand a chance of getting away with a 911 in pursuit.

Bugatti Veyron - Dubai

bugatti veyron police car
Why we love it...

The 'Top Trumps' of supercars, at launch it was the most powerful and fastest production car on the planet with truly eye watering statistics (and cost) to match. Usually found in car collections of the super-rich, the Dubai police force needed to keep one step ahead of the criminals and having the fastest car on the planet seems like a good place to start.

Mercedes Benz Brabus Rocket - Germany

Why we love it…

The Germans just seem to get so many things right when it comes to cars and it seems their police forces agree. Home to the unrestricted Autobahn, the German traffic police (Autobahnpolizei) need to be able to keep up with some fast moving machinery and this 227mph monster will see few cars evade them.

Lamborghini Huracan - Italy

lamborghini huracan police car
Why we love it…

Italian’s are a passionate bunch and where else would you see one of the most exciting super cars of its day feature on a police car fleet? Italy of course, home to Lamborghini. Whether the Polizia Stradale acutally paid for the car is anyone’s guess or whether it’s a marketing stunt by Lamborghini we don’t much care, in fact, we wouldn’t mind being pulled over by one of these when renting a car in Italy.

Dodge Charger - USA

dodge charger pursuit police car
Why we love it…

It’s far from the fastest police car in our line up, but it’s certainly the cheapest and by some margin. That’s what we love about the Dodge Charger used by the police in the USA, it’s an honest US muscle car used widely throughout the United States. So whilst the other police cars here, you’re very unlikely to come across, you’ll almost certainly see a Dodge Charger police car when renting a car in the USA.

Remember, police forces are publicly funded, so whilst it’s great to boast who has the best police car in the world, the reality is rather more grounded, but we’re glad that some forces have splashed out to keep some really interesting police cars on the roads.

And the Worst Police Car?

Surprisingly, we found it harder to pick the worst police car than our favourites. With many contenders fighting for the title from the Lada Riva still in service in Russia or Nissan Leaf in the UK, we finally settled on the NYPD Smart Car, a great little car for city driving, but a police car? What were they thinking!

worst police car
Chloe Demaret
Posted: May 01, 2018 by Chloe Demaret
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Andrew Robinson
I think you will find American police cars generally go £150-155 mph and a Caprice is fastest not dodge charger please give right info we all hate fake news 😒
6/1/2019 1:52:43 AM