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Amazing Limos for Hire in the UK from All Stretched Out!!

The first limousine was built in Fort Smith Arkansas in 1928, but like many aspects of American culture, limousines have now spread right across the world.

Pink Minx Hummer in Cardiff Park

Limousines have developed a reputation for being a fun way to travel and are mainly used today for transportation to special events and parties with the sales and rentals of limos going up for proms especially.

Hummer Limo Interior 

Part of the reason why limousines have gained this reputation as party cars is because they were originally used by the big band musicians Benny Goodman and Glen Miller to carry the band members and their equipment from concert to concert. Accordingly limousines were first known as ‘big band buses’.

Today one of the top limousine operators in Europe has built his company around this cross Atlantic relationship.
Simon Ringham, founder of All Stretched Out, first started buying Lincoln and Cadillac model limousines from America and doing all the work on them himself. For Limo Hire in Bristol and Limo Hire Cardiff call 01633 282233 and mention Rhino Car Hire and you will get 10% discount.

Initially some American limousine providers did not make life easy for him, but with the help of his wife he built up the business.

Pic of a Limo Interior

Simon is very proud to say that he works on all his limousines himself, unlike many limo ‘salesmen’ who don’t know the first thing about the cars they are trying to flog.

The limos that Simon works on will have bars, champagne tables and varying sizes of axels as he customizes his All Stretched Out vehicles personally to make them as exciting yet functional as possible.
Simon has become such an authority on limos during the 14 years of All Stretched Out trading that many British companies call him up for advice on repairing limos and obtaining parts. His experience of repairing and refurbishing limousines sets him apart from the rest.

All Stretched Out is based in Newport, covering the cities of Cardiff, Bristol, Bath and other areas of the British west country.  The company has a great range of limos for sale and you can see the range on the website.

Currently they operate between 25-50 limos which are available for hire.
All Stretched Out used to have 80 limos but this was overextending the company, especially during the American prom season when limos are hard to source.

But reducing his fleet has allowed Simon to concentrate on what he does best, applying the personal touch. Many of Simon’s customers are his friends and they have got to know him because the quality of his service has made them come back time and time again.

Chloe Demaret
Posted: May 21, 2009 by Chloe Demaret 1 comments
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