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Croatian Toll Roads – A guide to toll roads in Croatia

A guide to the toll roads in Croatia:

Croatian motorways contain toll gates where tolls will be collected as part of your journey. There are three main ways of paying a toll:
  1. Electronic Toll Collection (ELC). This is a wireless device, which can be used for passage through most of the paid roads in Croatia. It is the more suitable option if you are a regular driver on the Croatian roads.
  2. Money will be collected at toll gates as you pass through
  3. Pre-paid monthly coupons, with a discount available for bulk buying.
It is possible to pay with a credit card or in Euros, however the main payment is in Kuna.

Toll roads in Croatia:
  • A1 Zagreb – Dubrovnik
  • A1/A6 Zagreb – Rijeka
Hire cars:

It is the driver’s responsibility to pay the cost of toll roads. The costs are worth it if you are travelling long distances across Croatia. However if you are not in a hurry and you want to make the most of your hire car when visiting Croatia, there are some scenic coastal routes that are worth trying. Hiring a car in Croatia will allow you to independently explore those small towns and secret spots that you may otherwise miss.

Driving in Croatia:

The condition of roads in Croatia is largely very good with a much improved motorway system over recent years. The most scenic route in Croatia is the Adriatic Road, which connects Rijeka and Dubrovnik. It’s a beautiful road that drivers will enjoy. Read our 'Drive Smart Guide to Croatia' for more information.

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