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School Holiday and Holiday Prices - Unfair?

We’re almost at that time of year when schools break up for the summer and flights and holidays take a dramatic hike in price as travel companies and airlines take advantage of the increased demand.

The price of package tours and flight prices is at least double and often up to quadruple that of dates in the school terms but there are signs that soon travel companies may not have it all their own way.

Already this week, we’ve seen news of tourists crossing the border into Scotland to fly from Edinburgh and Glasgow to save money as Scottish summer holidays begin and finish earlier than England. One family of four have decided to drive from Luton to Edinburgh to enjoy savings of £1100 over flying on the same dates from their local airport whilst potential travellers in the north are renowned for crossing the border to take advantage of cheap flights.Summer Holidays

Travel experts and interested families are watching carefully the effects of the decision by the government to hand the setting of school holidays over to schools so they can avoid the long summer break. The feeling is that as demand becomes more spread out over the year, prices will even out with traditionally off-peak prices rising whilst mid-summer costs will drop slightly. Workers in the travel industry are also likely to find that they may get more regular employment, even if it means fewer get jobs. It’s likely to hit the student employment market though as the university long summer break may not necessarily match the times when student labour is needed.

Trips to more exotic destinations will become more common for families as they see a fortnight of sun and warmth perhaps in October rather than July whilst it may also see the demise of ‘seasonal’ flights, often laid on to support high volume in the summer.

School teachers are also likely to benefit for whilst in the past, parents have often taken kids out of school a couple of days before the end of term so they can get low prices, teachers have had to pay the full inflated price.

This summer could be the last when the airports suddenly become as packed as the beaches but the holiday companies have got a lot of work to do over the next few months to ensure prices become fairer yet they are still able to make a profit.
Chloe Demaret
Posted: July 22, 2013 by Chloe Demaret 0 comments
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