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How To Get That Beach Body... And Keep It!

Let’s face it, many of us could do with shedding a few pounds but the problem is, whilst we may have dieted our way into our swimming shorts or bikini, it doesn’t take long on holiday for the pounds to pile back on.  Many of us see our fortnight in the sun as the chance to gorge ourselves and guzzle endless free beers and cocktails as part of our all-inclusive package. Putting on the pounds needn’t be a problem if we choose our holiday destinations wisely and some can actually help with our diets.

At the ‘piling on the pounds’ end of the spectrum we have the US and the UK - lots of fat in the diet and plenty of stodge too is guaranteed to add to our girth but who can resist a steak and kidney pie and chips or a New York baked cheesecake?

Germany is great for those on the Atkins diet with their diet of ‘wurst’ but if you’re trying to avoid cholesterol then it’s probably the ‘wurst’ place to visit. South America is another similar dietary destination with the emphasis on protein but for the health conscious there are many destinations where we can enjoy a good time without worrying about our figures. If you’re feeling flush, try Japan where their seafood rich diet gives them one of the slimmest figures and longest life expectancies in the world.

Closer to home and still good for the waistline and the heart is the Mediterranean. When you’re walking along the shores of Cyprus, Spain or Italy, steer clear of the UK style burger bars and instead seek out the local restaurants where you’ll be treated to the delicious and healthy Mediterranean diet consisting of fresh vegetables and lean meat washed down with wine that’s good for the heart! The Mediterranean diet has been shown to be the second healthiest in the world leading to the longevity of its population despite the propensity of the Mediterranean culture to smoke like a chimney.

So whether you’re being careful with your diet or not, you owe it to yourself to try the food of a different culture even if it’s only once. At home we regularly eat out at Chinese, Indian and Mexican restaurants so why not be a little more adventurous abroad? Who knows, you may even like it!
Chloe Demaret
Posted: July 05, 2012 by Chloe Demaret 0 comments
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