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Driving In Flip Flops - Tool for Driving in High Heels - Happy Go Lucky Film

Happy Go Lucky Film Poster

The recent Mike Leigh movie Happy Go Lucky features an insane driving instructor (DI) who harasses his laid back pupil about her driving and her life.

But there is one thing the DI is right about in the movie. He gets very upset (well unhinged actually) when the young lady he is teaching turns up in inappropriate footwear. “You can’t drive properly in high heels,” he sneers at her.

Tool for Driving in High Heels

Having nearly ploughed into a car while trying to get across a roundabout myself, I now forgo flip flops as a very unsafe form of footwear.

It turns out I will not be the only driver to sacrifice my relaxed and comfortable footwear for safety’s sake.

The Spanish police, known as the Guardia Civil, have now decided that it is an
offence to wear flip flops while driving on the Costa Blanca.

Flip Flops

The rule applies to any shoe which does not have a back and could be in danger of impeding the foot pedal if it slipped off.

While the police in most Mediterranean countries the police force are usually quite accommodating, the Guardia Civil have a reputation for being heavy handed and should not be trifled with.

Speaking about the footwear law, a spokesperson of travel agent company airflights.co.uk said: “Many customers arrive in Spain on a cheap flight at say Malaga or Alicante Airport and immediately pick up their cheap car hire without even thinking about their footwear.

“Sensible footwear is recommended for the safety of the holiday makers and their families, other road users and of course to stay within the laws of your Spanish Hosts. So visitors to the Costa Blanca and other areas who are intending on renting a cheap car hire you have been warned!”

So, when you are preparing for your trip abroad, remember you may need to pack more than just flip flops. Or, do what I do and drive barefoot.

So when booking Car Hire Malaga or Car Hire Alicante Airport, make sure you wear some shoes !!
Phil Partridge
Posted: July 01, 2009 by Phil Partridge 0 comments
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