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New Speeding Fine Guidelines: Know the facts when driving in your rental car.

New higher speeding fines are in place as of Monday 24th April 2017. The UK government is keen to crack down on dangerous driving and as a result anyone caught speeding will face higher fines than previously.

new uk speeding fines

When hiring a car it is important to realise that as the driver of the vehicle you are still wholly responsible for following the rules of the road. Therefore, if you break the speed limit and are caught, the speeding fine will be passed on to you via the car hire company.

So what are the changes?

There are new tougher sentences and punishments for the more serious speeding offences.

Previous fine:

As of 24 April 2017*

100% of weekly income

Up to 175% of weekly income

*The maximum fine however, remains the same, set at £1,000. Or if driving on a motorway the maximum fine limit is set at £2,500.

Who will the new fines affect?

Any driver, in a private vehicle or hire car, found to be exceeding the speed limit by the amounts outlined below would be affected by the new increased fines.

Your speed

Speed limit

41 mph or more

20 mph

51 mph or more

30 mph

101 mph or more

On a motorway

The changes are welcomed by careful drivers and have simply been put into place to tackle those speeding on the roads and potentially causing harm to others. In addition to an increase in the fines, there is also a range of longer sentences for speeding drivers and for the most serious offences a 56-day ban from driving. Rhino want you to enjoy your car hire experience, so know the facts and stay safe on the roads.

See our full guide to driving in the UK here.
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