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Parking fine in a hire car - what to do?

When driving abroad there are going to be elements of the unknown that we encounter and one example of this occurred to my family and I whilst renting a car in Florida in The USA. We had been staying in a holiday home in Orlando and decided to make the most of our hire car with a drive to Daytona Beach. The hire car was perfect for this; our Kia Sorento was spacious and comfortable for all the family.

On arriving at Daytona Beach, we were pleased to see there was ample parking along the seafront and we pulled up alongside other vehicles and parallel parked the car. We read the signs provided in relation to how long we were able to stay in the parking spot and happily left the car in the parking zone after feeding the meter with enough quarters to give us the time needed, feeling happy we’d parked safely and were free to enjoy the beach.

On returning to the vehicle, we noticed a parking ticket placed on the windscreen of the car. Feeling a little bemused as to why we opened the envelope and read the information on the ticket carefully. Unbeknown to us, we had parked illegally. The ticket stated that cars should not be parked against the flow of traffic (i.e. facing oncoming traffic). Therefore a ticket was issued for parking the wrong way.

parking fine in a rental car

How do I pay my parking fine?

A parking fine may happen whilst you are in possession of your hire car. There are two main types of parking fines, the first parking fine may be left on your windscreen, the second type may be where you are caught on camera parking somewhere you shouldn’t.

If you return to your car and find a parking ticket on it, you will need to read the information and pay the fine in the suggested way. This may be by going to a local police station or it may give you alternative methods of payment such as online or with a cheque/card. If you have been caught on a camera, then similarly to a speeding fine in a rental car, the notice will go direct to the car rental agent who will counter charge you, plus a fee. Check for specific terms and conditions with your rental car provider in relation to additional fees.

Unfortunately mistakes can happen in relation to parking, but in order to avoid a parking fine in your hire car it is always advisable to understand the rules of the road you will be driving in. For detailed driving guides to a range of countries visit our Drive Smart Blog and select your country of travel.

Chloe Demaret
Posted: January 30, 2017 by Chloe Demaret
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