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To Rent a Car or Not To Rent a Car - Getting Around on Holiday!

One of the big discussions over holiday plans is what you’re going to do when you get to your holiday destination.

Latest figures show that a large proportion of women travellers want to simply work on their tan, take an occasional cooling dip in the sea or the pool, perhaps have a treatment or two at the hotel spa and enjoy great food and wine in the evening after a hard day by the pool or on the beach.

Beach Holiday

Unfortunately for harmonious relationships, the same figures show that men want anything but laying on a sunbed and either want water sports or trips out enjoying adventure sports or visiting local sights. Thankfully, most couples and families compromise but then the argument ensues over how to get to enjoy these different activities. The argument usually comes down to cost and often hire cars are discarded as being the most expensive option. But what is the truth of the matter? Here we take a look at some of the holiday costs and work out which, in the long run is the cheaper option.

The first input to the equation comes at the destination airport. If you’re on a package tour, transfers to the resort is often included but look out for the small print for this is slowly becoming the exception rather than the rule.

Take for example, a family of four arriving at Paphos Airport for a two week holiday in Coral Bay in October. With transfers included, there’s no cost, but arriving on a holiday they’ve booked themselves, transfers to the resort will cost €40 each way whilst that will already cover four days’ car hire where rates at the airport start from €19 a day.

Going into town for a meal at night, you’ll be looking at a €20 return taxi fare for a journey of four miles so every time you do that, you’ll use up a day’s car rental!

Now for the big one; day trips for the family. Fancy seeing the Troodos Mountains and the villages? From Coral Bay, the cheapest all day excursion is €30 per adult and €15 per child. Admittedly you’ll get a basic lunch included plus the knowledgeable guide but at four and a half days’ rental per trip, you’ll soon see the benefit of a hire car, a good map and a packed lunch!

Of course you’ve got petrol on top of this but when airport transfers, two excursions and a taxi trip into town for a meal are added up, you’ve already covered the cost of your Cyprus hire car.

Think also of the convenience of having a hire car at your disposal any time of day or night, being able to get to those beaches that the buses don’t go to or being able to dictate whether or not you stop off at shops on your way to seeing the sights and you’ll see there really is no argument against hiring a car.

If your partner is still saying you can’t afford a hire car, just show them this article and enjoy a happy holiday together!
Phil Partridge
Posted: January 08, 2013 by Phil Partridge 0 comments
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