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Where can you parkun on holiday? Parkrun Tourism

If you’re a parkrunner at home in the UK and planning your summer holiday, or a weekend break and worried about the prospect of missing your weekly 5k fix there is a solution. Pack your running shoes (as if you’d consider travelling without them anyway!) and your milestone T-shirt so the locals know you’re a seasoned parkrunner (better still, your purple volunteer milestone t-shirt so they know you pay your way in kind too!) and head to the nearest parkrun where you are spending your holiday. Better still, as we’re avid parkrunners ourselves (our staff team comprise 2x run directors and 2x 100 milestone runners – we also match funded for an essential AED for a local junior parkrun), we are delighted to offer parkrunners up to 10% discount on any rental car for your holiday, book here to redeem your discount.

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Whilst parkrun is booming in the UK (there are 587 5km parkruns and counting), you might be surprised that it has not taken off outside of the UK quite so well. There are however a number of runs in some of the most popular tourist destinations throughout Europe and further afield so it pays to check before you travel as you might be closer than you think to the nearest parkrun. Here is our list of our favourite parkruns from some of our top car hire locations;

France – Les Dougnes parkrun (near Bordeaux)

Where is it?
It takes place at the Espace des Loisirs in Cubnezais, near Bordeaux.

What’s it like?
The course is located at the Espace des Dougnes in Cubnezais, the start line is near the electricity pilon where you should see the parkrun flag. The course is a flat 3 lap route of the park, largely on gravel / trails with the finish line near the childrens playground. It’s a classic parkland parkrun on trails, so if it’s wet or you’re here in the winter, trail shoes recommended.

Not in Bordeaux? There are just 8 parkruns in France at the moment including Paris, Toulouse and Geneva so whether you are in France for a city break, summer or ski holiday you shouldn’t be far from your 5k fix.

Italy - Foro Italico (Palermo, Sicily)

Where is it?
Foro Umberto I, 90133 Palermo (Palermo Harbour / waterfront)

What’s it like?
This seaside route consists of 3 anticlockwise laps, starting and finishing at Parco della Salute Livia Morello near the harbour. Each lap measures 1.6km with a final push towards the harbour. A sea level, flat course with fantastic views over the mediterranean and harbour, a pb is a real possibility here, but you’re on holiday remember so try to enjoy it!

Not in Palermo?
There are 15 parkruns in Italy, From Milan to Rome and 3 on Sicilyso depending on where you are travelling Italy, you may well find a parkrun near you.

USA - Clermont Waterfront (Orlando)

Where is it?
Lake Hiawatha Preserve, 450 N. Lake Minneola Shores, Clermont, FL 34711 (Orlando, not far from Disney!)

What’s it like?
An out and back (few, no laps!) fast and flat course along the banks of Lake Mineola. Starting at the pavilion near the bathrooms on the east side of 12th Street at Lake Hiawartha Preserve. Head south, cross the bridge, pass the boathouse until you nearly reach the fishing pier, a quarter of mile on you turn back and head for home as you approach the smaller wooden pier. Another flat and fast course with great PB potential.

Not in Clermont?
There are 29 parkruns in the USA, a number we are certain will increase rapidly over the next few year meaning you should soon be able to find a parkrun from California to Florida and anywhere in between.

Ireland - Erris parkrun (Co. Mayo)

Where is it?
Cross Loop, Cross, Binghamstown, Belmullet, Co. Mayo

What’s it like?
If it’s a sea view you’re after you’re in luck. The start line is just 500m from the knarly shoreline where the Atlantic meets land. It’s a 1 lap course taking around Cross Lough on minor access roads. Conditions under foot are generally good, but trail shoes recommended in winter months and when wet.

Not in Co. Mayo?
There are 83 parkruns in Ireland so you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding one local to where you are staying. There are 23 parkruns in Dublin alone, so if you’re staying anywhere in or around the city, you’ll have no problem finding a run near to you, the nearest to the centre being Brickfield Park, just south of the River.

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