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Parkruns in France – parkrun Car Hire Discount

If you’re one of the 12 million brits who travel to France each year* and a keen parkrunnner to boot, you’ll likely already be packing your running shoes to enjoy a run along the promenade or a trot around any of the lakes and rivers, but did you know that parkrun is spreading its wings in France and there are currently 8 runs nationwide. Now, that doesn’t seem like a lot when you compare to the UK where there are literally hundreds available and usually one within a few miles of virtually anywhere in the country, but word is spreading and new parkruns are opening all the time.

parkrun in france

Parkrun in Bordeaux

Les Dougnes is the local parkrun for those spending their holiday in Bordeaux, around 30km north of the city, it’s accessible for anyone staying in the Aquitaine, Limousin and Poitou Charentres regions, albeit some will have to travel further than others. It’s a classic 3 lap parkland course set in beautiful grounds, a relaxed run is almost guaranteed with low numbers turning out each week so there’s certainly a good chance of your highest finishing position no matter what pace you run at!

Parkrun in Paris

There are 2 parkruns inParis,  however our pick of the 2 would be the Bois de Boulogne, set in the park itself (Bois de Boulogne) it’s another classic parkrun layout similar to many of the UK’s most popular events in big city parks. Just a few km from the Arc de Triomphe and France’s most famous landmark of all, the Eiffel Tower there is plenty to see and do once you’ve finished you run. Where else in the world will you catch a glimpse of one of the most iconic landmarks on the planet during a parkrun?

Parkrun in Geneva

Lac de Divonne is technically in France, although as Geneva is sat right on the border of France and Switzerland, it’s easily accessible for those staying in either. Just 10km or so north of the centre, it’s a lovely 2 lap route around lake Divonne (Lac de Divonne), just 2km from Lac Leman, Geneva’s main lake. It’s a fast and flat course around the lake so a pb is a real possibility here. Just be mindful of cyclists on the shared path, it does get busy so as ever, respect other park / path users.

Where else can you parkrun in France?

  • Bois de Boulogne parkrun (Paris)
  • Château de Pierre de Bresse parkrun (nr.Dijon)
  • Fontainebleau parkrun (Fontainebleau)
  • la Ramée parkrun (Toulouse)
  • Lac de Divonne parkrun (Geneva)
  • Les Dougnes parkrun (Bordeaux)
  • Montsouris parkrun (Paris)
  • Rouen parkrun (Rouen)
Whilst only 8 parkruns in France at time of writing, it’s growing in popularity and we’re confident more will appear, so it’s worth checking the France parkrun official website for up to date information. If you travelling to France and renting a car, we offer parkrunners up to 10% discount, click here to redeem offer.

Phil Partridge
Posted: February 27, 2019 by Phil Partridge
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