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Experience South America and the Caribbean by visiting the Isla de Margarita.

The Pearl of the Caribbean goes by an even more beautiful name – the Isla Margarita. Although it lies in the Caribbean Sea, the Isla Margarita is considered a part of Venezuela. This small island only has one major city, Porlamar which is a 30 minute drive from Margarita's Santiago Marino International Airport. EU and American citizens will not need a visa to get into Isla Margarita and there are many flights which go from most of the world's major airports such as Frankfurt airport and London Heathrow. It is no wonder that Isla Margarita is so popular with Europeans as the climate stays warm all year around. That makes it great for winter or summer breaks.Mao of Isla de Margarita

Car hire is a great way to see the island and even if you don't speak Spanish like the locals you will not find it too hard to get around. There are also regular bus services though these minibuses tend to get quite cramped and hot. If you do hire a car make sure that it has air conditioning.
Mostly people come here to enjoy beautiful white sandy beaches such as the bay at Juangriego.

Climb the hill behind the bay, where an old fort stands, and you will see the sun dissolve into brilliant pink and orange colours over the ocean. Once the night sets in that's when the island really begins to hum with all manner of beach bars and restaurants doing a steady business. There are also plenty of night clubs.

Prices are cheap on Isla Margarita compared to some other Caribbean islands and you can get a meal for only 10 US dollars while a can of beer might only set you back 75 cents. The shopping is also duty free on Isla Margarita which is a huge draw.

Casa Trudel
Accommodation at Isla Margarita is cheap and cheerful. The Casa Trudel (Margarita Tropical Villa) particularly specialises in friendly and attentive service. Located in a gorgeous spot by Playa El Agua this charming bed and breakfast puts on all the activities you might want to indulge in such as horse riding or scuba-diving.

Playa El Agua is the most visited beach on the island and with good reason.
Those who are feeling active may also want to go and do a spot of kite surfing at the Playa del Yaque. Nature lovers can visit La Restina National Park where fauna and flora live in the Mangroves.

Picture of Isla de Margarita

Phil Partridge
Posted: February 11, 2010 by Phil Partridge 1 comments
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Isla Margarita is a recommendable destination for nobody except "all-included" large(upper-class) hotels where it is not necessary to confront these people who hate the tourists. It is impossible to have a healthy relation with Margaritains which see only the money they could stole from tourists. To drive a vehicle on this island it is the pure madness and as if it was not enough, the policemen arrest the tourists to take away to them some money "cash". The sanitary conditions are very precarious there and the water is not drinkable (tourista insured). They are thieves, bandits and the whole island is a real "rough place". Tourists are not welcome in Margarita.
2/19/2011 3:48:56 PM