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Travel to Madeira

If you want to go somewhere unusual in Europe, Rhino Car Hire Madeira can recommend the sub tropical island of Madeira off the coast of Morocco.

As we continue our preview of good getaway destinations for the summer holidays, Madeira gets two thumbs up for price, accessibility and weather.

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Despite being located far out into the Atlantic Ocean, it takes only a few hours to get to Madeira with TAP Portugal being one of the airlines which does good deals on direct flights there. Madeira is considered to be part of Portugal and this is one of the reasons why prices on the island are so reasonable.
If you decide to get yourself a self catering apartment in Madeira you will save more money still as the cost of groceries is very reasonable.

In Madeira you can get lovely two bedroom villas with gorgeous sea views for a little as £200 per week. Often having more than one bathroom, a spacious veranda and ample space in which to cook, you won’t feel much like leaving the villa when the cooling breezes are blowing across the island. Especially as most of these villas in the capital Funchal and the surrounding areas have a swimming pool or pool access too.

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Once you have a Rhino vehicle there are many fascinating parts of the island to visit though.

Park in the centre of Funchal and take a cable car up to the botanical gardens which are utterly spellbinding and home to the world’s oldest olive tree, which was around before Jesus was born, among other fascinating things.
Or hire a four by four and head up into the mountainous interior of Madeira. With its highest peak at more than 2,000 metres you will get stunning views across the island here.
But you might just prefer to park up at one of the island’s many great beaches.


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