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Most Liked Rental Cars of Instagram

If you’ve been one of the lucky ones to go on holiday over the last 12 months, you’ll no doubt of seen (or might even be) one of the many influencers or social media addicts snapping away every facet of their holiday to share with their followers. Even down to the rental car.

We’ve carried out some research in December 2021 to see what are the most popular cars of Instagram using the hashtag #carrental. Spoiler alert – supercars make the most popular cars of Instagram, unsurprising really as who wants to show off the Ford Focus they rented on holiday? However, the list is not full of Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s and we are pleased to see some left field entries into the 5 most popular rental cars of Instagram in December 2021, staring with the most popular of them all!

1. Toyota Hilux

Yes, you read that right, the most popular rental car of Instagram in December 2021 is the humble old Toyota Hilux. This particular post of a Toyota Hilux in full wedding livery has been the recipient of 2,293 likes.

Toyota Hilux Instagram

2. Lamborghini Urus

Business as usual, although is little usual about the Lamborghini Auris. As the most famous supercar maker of all makes a tentative step into the world of the SUV, the arrival of the Urus caused quite a stir in the automotive world. Like or it or loathe it, a Verde Shock (Green) is about as conspicuous as you can get. If it’s Instagram likes you are after, the big Lambo would have surely been a safe bet.

Lamborghini Urus Instagram

3. Lamborghini Aventador

Pretty standard in the social media world, a traditional Lamborghini Supercar is sure to attract likes. 705 of them in this case as the Giallo Clarus (yellow) Aventador set in the Desert (we assume Dubai, the post wasn’t conclusive) was prolific in its ability to generate likes.

Lamborghini Aventador Instagram

4. Ferrari F8 Tributo

The boardroom in Maranello will likely be up in arms that they didn’t even make the podium in our recent study. 4th place for Ferrari with the stunning Rosso Red F8 Tributo is the best the marque can muster with 297 likes.

Ferrari F8 Tributo Instagram

5. Mini Moke

Thankfully a break from the norm just to reinforce that Instagram is open to all and has a diverse user profile. 163 likes of a black Mini Moke in Marbella, Spain is our favourite in the list.

Mini Moke Instagram

If you're left wandering where you can rent any of the most popular rental cars on Instragram, use the links below;
Nb. Images are not of actual instragram post, for representation only (courtesy of Pixabay)
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