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Mini Moke Rental Barbados

For those that don't like to conform to the status quo, renting a Mini Moke in Barbados could be the answer you are looking for. And don't think that you're alone in seeking out this outlandish model, it's actually a popular model for our customers seeking out a unique car rental experience when in Barbados. In fact, Barbado is the only location  in the world where we can offer Mini Moke rentals! Whilst the original Mini Moke has long since been removed from rental fleets, KIA have come to the rescue of those looking to renta a door-less, convertible SUV. Not something you see everyday, but sure to catch the eye of other road users and holiday makers. It's unlikely that the Moke is a car you'd want to live with everyday, but renting a Mini Moke in Barbados is the perfect way to see the island in style.

mini moke rental barbados


Can I rent an original Mini Moke in Barbados?

Sadly not, whilst you might find a classic Mini Moke Rental company from smaller outlets in Barbados, the original Mini Moke went out of production years ago and no longer feature on rental companies fleets. Nostalgia aside, reliability and safety are the primary factors as to why the original Mini Moke is no longer available to rent in Barbados.
Barbados Mini Moke Rental

Car rental Barbados Mini Moke

A popular request, the Mini Moke offers an alternative mode of transport for those looking to enjoy Barbados from a slightly different perspective. The new model Kia Mini Moke offers all the fun and frolics of the original backed with 21st century engineering, reliability and safety standards, despite the canvas roof and door-less features reflecting the original.