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Too Hot This Summer? Cool Summer Holiday Destinations

Don’t the British love talking, or more correctly; complaining, about the weather. After the worst summer in living memory when many considered part exchanging their car for a family canoe, we’ve now got fabulous, almost tropical weather – well at least the southeast of England has. Cue the complaints about it being too hot; can’t sleep at night; takes ages to water the garden etc. Having considered jetting off somewhere warm and dry early in the summer, some people are already looking to escape to somewhere cool until normal service is resumed. So, if you’re not one for the sun, where can you go in summer to avoid the heat? Here’s a selection that’ll certainly save on the air-conditioning, will have you reaching for the hot chocolate rather than the chocolate ice cream and see you packing a hot water bottle instead of a bikini.

Cervinia Zermatt
Cervinia   Skiing in Europe is almost exclusively a winter occupation but adrenaline junkies, and those who just want it a little cooler in summer can head for the glaciers of Europe and in particular, the continent’s best glacier ski resort of Cervinia Zermatt. Cable cars take you up from the town of Cervinia, already 6,500ft above sea level, to the Plateau Rosa glacier, another 1,800ft higher. There you can ski throughout the summer in temperatures that average around 4 degrees.

Iceland   Another destination close to the UK and easily reached by budget airlines including easyJet. A rugged, desolate country in places, weirdly beautiful in others, it also has the attractions of the capital Reykjavik as well as geysers, waterfalls and thermal springs. In the summer you can expect sunny days amongst the frequent cloudy and wet ones but the temperature will average around 13 to 16 degrees. Don't forget the 'Midnight Sun' where the days are so long the sun barely sets.

Perito Moreno glacier   A little further afield now but a country that has such a long length north to south, you can almost choose your climate. In the English summer it’s their winter but still in the north you can enjoy temperatures in the high seventies and a beach lifestyle whilst in the south, vast wastelands of snow and ice greet you with temperatures well below freezing. A highlight, even in the Argentinian summer, is the Perito Moreno glacier which feeds the mysterious and vivid Lake Argentina.

Cruise Antarctica
Cruise Antarctica   If you want to experience a trip that’s too remote for most people and which can guarantee you a ‘cool’ holiday in both senses of the word, take a cruise around Antarctica, the last true wilderness in the world. Cruises go from Australia, New Zealand and South America and you’ll see much wildlife including penguins, elephant seals, whales and more.


So, put that hand held fan away, get your case packed and head for cooler climes whilst the heat wave lasts.
Kellie Hodge
Posted: August 21, 2012 by Kellie Hodge 0 comments
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